Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Dun Photoshow Results

The results are in for our dun photoshow! Well done to all those who entered.

If you are in the mood for some more photoshowing then don't forget to enter November's show. This month the theme is 'Other Equine' : http://www.chestnutridge.co.uk/other-equine-photoshow-94-w.asp

And here are the results from our Dun show:

Under 13 Years

1st Place – Hugo (Ella Mitchell)

13-18 Years

1st Place – Sweet Moment (Iana Moczar)

2nd Place – Thunder Bolt (Emily Judge)

3rd Place – Dancing Queen (Emily Judge)

4th Place – Haggis and Chips (Emily Judge)

5th Place – Emperor of Norway (Emily Judge)

6th Place – Athena’s Fury (Emily Judge)

Over 18 Years

1st Place – McFie (Agnetha Gothe)

2nd Place – Blue Valley Viking Blond (Mily Huff)

3rd Place – Harecroft Thoresby (Georgie)

4th Place – Harecroft Summer Solstice (Georgie)

5th Place – Blue Valley Nikolai (Mily Huff)

6th Place – Blue Valley Kaia (Mily Huff)