Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New Website is Now Live

Hey guys!

So I have been really absent the last few days. We have been going around trade fairs trying to find you the very best products we can, and boy have we found some awesome stuff! As usual I can't wait to share it with you but we'll be filtering it through in stages, so keep checking back!

American Pharoah StablemateBut the really important news is our new website is now live!

To view it simply visit:

The new site is still very much in development, you may notice odd errors, broken links or pages that definitely need proof reading. If you do please drop me an email and let me know.

I'd also like to send a massive thank you to all those who helped Beta test the site. You guys are awesome and I really appreciated it, we worked through a lot of glitches together!

So let's move on to the fun stuff...

Gypsy FoalThe New Website

The new site can be found at:

It has a completely new layout and tonnes of new products, including the new Breyer 2016 range, but also lots of new hobby supplies.


I love free stuff! So we are running two promotions from now until the end of February:

For every £10.00 you spend get a FREE STICKER*

Get a free Stablemate with all orders over £50.00*

*excludes shipping cost, whilst stock lasts, t&cs apply.

Just don't let your Julips near those stickers...

Our New Ranges

We have loads of new ranges available or coming very soon. These include:

  • CollectA Models
  • Schleich Models
  • Crafty Ponies
  • Some beautiful Commercial Bronzes
  • New Leather Supplies

Breyer 2016 Range

The Breyer 2016 range will be joining us in three different batches. The first is due this week and will comprise of models such as the Stablemate Valegro, Harper and the Classic and Stablemate scale American Pharoahs.

The second batch is due in March. This should include items such as the Traditional scale American Pharoah, more Mini Whinnie Surprise bags and Scribbles.

The third batch is due in April. This should include items we have specially ordered in including Cortes C, Babyflo and Butterscotch.
Grulla Horse & Foal
You can pre-order the entire range (excluding the new Shipping set) now. Just make sure to check the listing (written in bold at the bottom) to find out when they ship.

Which neatly brings me on to questions (this is a ridiculously long email), I hope this answers some you may have:

I pre-ordered Valegro/Banks Vanilla/Carltonlima Emma, when will these arrive?

    These are due this week, probably Friday. They will then ship next week or can be collected from Model Horse Love Live.

     If you would like to upgrade your shipping option (for example to tracked & insured) please just get in touch. I highly recommend paying for tracking and insurance with all orders, particularly those of high value. Royal Mail has been driving me nuts recently! If you live internationally you could have your item within 5 days through our courier service.

I had an order with the old website, can I still view it?

     As long as you had an account then yes. The old website will continue to exist in a dormant state at:

Are my account details the same?
Black Forest Stallion
    All accounts have now been transferred so you should be able to login with the same details as you had before.

I'm a club member, will I still get my discount?

     It is no longer possible to apply discounts to accounts. Club members will shortly be receiving an email in which I will detail how we are going to have to do discounts. We were always going to experience down sides to the move, but hopefully there are lots of up sides as well!

Grey Camargue
If you have any more questions do not hesitate to email me or give  me a call during normal business hours. I am always happy to help.

We hope you love the new website and are as excited as we are about it.

We hope to have some awesome new products up soon and our 2016 catalogue should be available from around March onwards. So keep checking back.

I hope that helps answer some questions and gives you a good idea of what is going on. I also have lots of new customs and things to share with you guys *yay* so let's hope I get back onto the Blogging!