Thursday, 11 October 2018

Counting Up The Collection

OK so I should start this with a preface, I have not counted. I mean half the models are in boxes so I can't really count!

But I thought it might be fun to share some pics from just after I moved (and a few more recent ones) on the old temporary shelving. If I was at home I would take some more recent pics but you'll just have to deal with these ones for now :p

For the curious I estimate that I have around 2,000 but honestly I'm not really sure. I have around 1600 properly catalogued.

Some of the main Traditional shelves with smaller models in front:

The Stablemate shelves as of June. It's now October and these are completely full. I went a bit Stablemate over board over the Summer...

My Bobby Jo conga :D

Some of the other Traditional shelves:

The whole pony room (it looks so empty...)

It disturbs me that there are now four new horses on these shelves!


A random pile of stuff...

Did someone say random pile of stuff???

How is it that I've moved to having a much larger pony room but have already run out of space and haven't even finished putting my collection out?!?! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!