Thursday, 20 April 2017

Model of the Day - Amelie

Our model of the day today is the 2014 Horse of the Year, Amelia, or Amelie as I've called her :)

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Name: Amelie
Show Name: CRS Gender Studies
Breed: Morab
Colour: Chestnut
Gender: Mare
Scale: Classic
Brand: Breyer
Model Number: 62114
Model Name: Amelia
Mould: Standing Thoroughbred
Year Produced: 2014
Face Markings: Broken Stripe
Leg Markings: 2x White Socks
Finish: Matte
Sire: ATB Devil in Disguise (r)
Dam: Matoska (r)
Unique ID Code: 276
Best Live Show Placing: None


The third BF special run Stablemate is Mishti, I love the colour on this one.

I do love the G2 TB mould, but they drive me nuts with their constant playing of dominos on my shelf!