Thursday, 16 May 2019

New Models

I haven't really been buying much this year, many of these are small purchases or ones I've won in raffles! Or they are left over stock that I've found and decided to buy for myself.

But I thought I would introduce you to a few of the new arrivals, a bit of an eclectic collection of models I must say, but some really nice ones amongst them.

First up is CRS Carrion Crawler (aka Confetti)

No photo description available.

Confetti is one of the new vintage My Little Pony releases. I found a load of the sparkle cutey mark ones in a toy shop in Worcester and picked her. I love her multi-coloured mane and tail.

Second is CRS Yakshini (Yakshi)

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I've been looking at Yakshi on Donna's table at live shows for a LONG time. I eventually decided to give in and purchase him at the last show. He is absolutely stunning and I'm so glad I've added him to my herd. I also now finally have an entry for ARC/AA British Native classes!

You will have met Nirvana before, he was my Namopaimo model, but I have only just gotten around to cataloguing him so he is being added to this post!

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Next up is CRS Displacer Beast (Bea)

No photo description available.

I won Bea at Year of the Pig Live, she's one of the new Stablemate Mystery Horse Surprise bag horses. She's my second on this mould and I do rather like her, even if she isn't massively realistic.

This is CRS Aeroflot

No photo description available.

I bought Aeroflot at Year of the Pig Live because I wanted one of the new Stablemate Alborozos (and wanted to wait until he didn't cost me an arm and a leg). I'm proud of him he's already BMECS qualified on his first outing!

And because Aeroflot might get lonely here is CRS Boeing 747 (Boeing)

No photo description available.

I couldn't even wait until we got the stock in and picked this one up at Year of the Pig to add to my G2 Appaloosa conga. And yes I was watching Air Crash Investigations when I named them both...

Now onto some of the 'left overs' that I found and decided could either be painted or kept. I decided to keep them.

First is CRS Barren Island (Barren)

No photo description available.

Barren is a CollectA Walking Haflinger Foal

Second is CRS Tungahurua (Tunga)

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Tunga is a CollectA Shire Mare in grey.

And third is CRS Volcan de Fuego (Volcan)

No photo description available.

Volcan is my third CollectA Shire Foal (I didn't have the black, only a bay and a custom) and I'm happy to have a complete set. It's a lovely mould, so leggy!

Now we have CRS Cotopaxi (Coto)

No photo description available.

Coto came as a part of a job lot of bodies that I got off Facebook marketplace. He was actually in pretty nice condition and rather cute so I decided to keep him and add him to my herd.

And finally we have CRS Careless Whisper

No photo description available.

Whisper was painted by me in 2017. She was put up for sale along with her BMECS qualification and never sold. When I became ill last summer she was simply put in a box along with all the other sale customs.

Going through I got her out and reminded myself how much I actually liked her. I decided that I would keep rather than sell her but it has taken me this long to catalogue her and get to the point where she can go to a show again! I'm hoping she'll become a staple of my show string, she is a gorgeous foal and I'm really rather fond of her. I'm so glad I gave her a nice name as well!

I told you it was a bit of an eclectic bunch of models but I hope you enjoyed saying hello! I still don't have the proper light tent set up (I don't have space) and all these need their brightness altering but you get a good idea of the models anyway. They are all coming with me to North Wales Live on Saturday so you can say hi in person there :D


Teton is the latest release from the Breyer 'America the Beautiful' series. She is available now for Collector's Club members to enter for.

As usual she is given on a lottery basis and priced at $155.00

She is a lovely grulla pinto on the Giselle mould.

I'm avoiding entering because I am mega poor right now (I went a bit OTT with prizes for Herefordshire live and bankrupt myself...)

But you can enter for her at if you are a Collector's Club member.