Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Two More BreyerFest Models

O wow check these two out! They are just gorgeous.

Mancha and Gato


So many bodies....

Sooo many victims!

If you are looking for a project *cough* victim *cough* then we've got some great new ones available!

You can view all of the bodies we have here (check back regularly):

But here are some of the newer victims:

Etched Silky Sullivan (£2.00):

Appaloosa Thoroughbred (£2.50):

Palomino Arabian (£2.00):

Bay Andalusian (£2.50):

Sabino Foal (£4.00):

Polo Pony Resculpt (£5.00):

Bay Thoroughbred (£4.00):

Resin Clydesdale (£3.00):

Chestnut Jet Run (£5.00):

Lots of Tack

Hello potatoes :)

Well the good news is that the customs are coming along well, in fact I think there is a chance I may finish all five at the same time! Which is a little unusual, I don't really like doing that because I like to work in stages on different things, also means they can filter through onto the website more smoothly (particularly the mini ones which go within a few hours of being listed normally)!

But anyway I have finished quite a bit of tack here we go!

First up are the Arab halters, all for sale at £1.50 each

Second up are some pieces from a selection of commissions, they just have a breastplate left on their order to finish. All of the items are Traditional heavy horse size!

Extra long lead chain

Open front tendon boots

Blue and yellow ribbon browband

And finally some more sales pieces, Stablemate halters, just 50p each!

You can purchase all of the sales pieces or place your own tack order at

O and before I go...the state of the customs currently!