Friday, 30 March 2012

New European Extravaganza Customs

Knabstrupper Foal

The reference for this guy was actually a draft x knabstrupper but was still very cute.

Jet black with some gingering to a blanket appaloosa.

So yes meet American Boy:


The smallest guy of the bunch, a little custom mini show pose drafter.

The reference was actually a lot lighter but I messed up on the first layer of pastels so he ended up having to be a light dapple grey.

He has red ribbons :D

So meet American Idiot:

Non-Characteristics in Appaloosa's

I thought this was something that was generally well known...apparently it is not.

As I'm sure most of you will know most Appaloosa horses carry Appaloosa characteristics. These are mottled skin, roaning, white scelera and striped hooves.

However, not all appaloosa coloured horses carry this, the one's that don't are known as Non-Characteristics (or NC's).

NC appaloosa horses come in all breeds, purebred Appaloosa's, mixed horses and appaloosa coloured breeds. In fact it is estimated that around 35% of all Appaloosa coloured horses are NC's. It's not rare at all!

In fact...all Appaloosa breed books/spotted horse societies etc. note the need for these characteristics, they are seen as desirable. Presumably because they indicate pure genetics, or were thought to and now it has become standard. Horse's are marked down if they do not show them.

Genetics wise nobody is quite sure why NC's arise. Research has been performed (see Harrison, 2006) but it has been inconclusive. At least what this testing did show was that NC's are not linked to the presence or lack of presence agouti 'A' series genes or extension 'e' series genes.

Interestingly having very pure Appaloosa line's with consistent characteristic showers does not guarantee that the horse will be born with characteristics. In fact 67% of all NC's are purebred Appaloosa's with Foundation stock lines.

It would be really great to see more genetic research done into this, it's a fascinating area. Something obviously blocks the characteristics but the question is what is it! Suggestions on a post card (or the comment box :p).

Thursday, 29 March 2012


I completed the Fjord today and he is rather nice. He was done to a very light dun which meant that he is very pale looking.

I'm not entirely sure that the legs are right, they are just as they are in the reference but I'm not sure, maybe it's just me wanting a bit more contrast in the coat.


Meet American Beauty:

Squishy face with white in the mane

His show side:

The dorsal stripe that traces all down the mane, across the back and into the tail

The cute face and stripey ears:

I have also finished the Knabstrupper foal. He isn't great, I'm really not happy with the pattern. But anyways pictures tomorrow...probably

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

European Extravaganza Updates!


Well I have started work on the next custom. He is a little Papo Fjord stallion. Not the most appealing of molds but still kinda cute actually:

I decided I wanted a less traditional Fjord, something really creamy and light :D So this is the reference picture I chose:

(obviously both stolen pictures, I apologise...again...)

He is rather cute isn't he :p

So I started by doing a base of peach over all of the areas that needed colour, very lightly airbrushed. Then I sprayed primer lightly over the whole horse, this just lightens the colour to a lighter dun, it's a technique I've found rather useful over the years!

The next stage was darkening using pastels, so basically neck and face and a bit along the back and inside the muscles (although the mold isn't particularly well muscled).

Next up I started the legs. These are firstly brown and black pastel mixed together to form most of the shading and then using a hard brush it is drawn in lines to form the stripes. It took me around 10 minutes per leg but it is now done.

I then started the details and mane and tail. I shaded the muzzle using black and also the genitalia. The mane had to be repainted white as there was some overspray and then the mane crest was done in black mixed with brown. The forelock is light brown, then dark brown and then black. The tail is the same as the forelock. The dorsal stripe is just black and brown again. All of this done in pastels...

The last bit I managed to get done today was the base coat for the eyes. But still needs those finishing, hooves doing and painted details. He does look rather cute though!


Last night I started work on the spanish bridle. The set up will ultimately be something along these lines:

Again I've been stealing pictures....

I'm using a classic scale levading lippizan for it. Can't decide whether he should be bay like this guy or grey...

Anyway the bridle. Well after discovering that I did not have a Spanish bit I decided to improvise. So I took a Western curb bit (one with hearts on) And added a little piece of chain and a piece of wire to recreate the look of a proper Spanish bit. I've also done the cheek pieces and the browband is attached on one side.

Ultimately it will look something like this:

O yes another stolen picture...I really need to sort out my reference library...

So yes we are getting there slowly! I am revising....honestly...

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


The latest Breyer Collector's Club model is Fontana a beautiful pinto on the Roxy mold:

And yes I did just steal that picture of Breyer...I apologise...very naughty I know but you can't link the webpage! You can't even access it once you've bought her...

Anywho she is gorgeous and I'm sure she is far more worth it than any Honeymoon that that money was going to be spent on *cough*

But what did get me was the shipping, $57.50! That is a lot, I buy from the US a lot and an OF Traditional doesn't normally cost me that much...

This meant the total was £120.00 now to see if my fiance will go halves with me and give me £60...

Friesians Completions

Yay :) The Friesians are all done...getting annoyed by my lack of ability to spell yet :p

First up lets have the CollectA...

Meet Amazing Things...

The ginger is there but deliberately subtle, I'm not a fan of very ginger horses...

His perty face:

And next up is that Bullyland..

So meet America...

You can just see that I added some ginger to her barrel to make her less bland. I also deliberately used a different paint for the mane and tail so it looked slightly different. Jet black horses can be quite boring sometimes :p

And yes I did quite blondely choose the model with the mane over the forehead as the one to have the white star lol

Both will ultimately be sold (or before hand if I can) but they are destined for European Extravaganza first

More Friesian updates

No pictures I'm afraid! But a little bit more of an update on both. You should be getting completion pictures by this evening at this rate.


Now on the CollectA the mane and tail are done. The eyes have three layers on them (two more to go) and the hooves still have only one layer. All touching up is done and chestnuts are painted. Literally just the last hoof layer and the eyes.


Mane and tail are both now done. Hooves now have one layer on them and the eyes have three layers. Just left are the final hoof layer and two layers on the eyes.

So yep coming along nicely now. The Bullyland has such a sweet face I think I may be in love with her lol. I'm going to quickly go out and do one more eye layer and finish those hooves now.

Friesian Update

Woops! Meant to post this last night but I completely forgot. Law revision is just so exciting you know...

Well now I have reached panic mode because it turns out that I am house sitting all next week...the show is on the 21st so that means I am down to 3 weeks to get these horses done!

So left on the list to complete are:

Rearing Spanish Ridden Costume
Half Pass Dressage Set Up
2x Friesians
Tuugipaard Harness Horse
Poutiou Ass
Knabstrupper Foal

Well anyway here is an update on the Friesians at least...

Here is the CollectA with all his pastelling done before sealing, it fades a bit after you seal:

And here is the Bullyland after his pastelling, I ended up giving him a bit of ginger on the belly :p

All sealed and ready to be finished off the CollectA has the first layer on his hooves and eyes:

And the Bullyland has the first layer on her eyes and her white star, thought I would show you the star :p

So yep there's the update! I have actually done some more work since then but you will have to wait and see...

Now off to more law revision...

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lots of black...

My fingers are currently looking rather black! On April 21st it is European Extravaganza, as I don't have many European models I decided that I should get some horses painted for the show. I have already created one Amazing Grace a bay leopard appaloosa Knabstrupper mare:

Well today I started the next two, two Friesians. Obviously are both black! The first is on the CollectA Friesian mold whom I love. I have based it on this horse here:

He therefore has quite a bit of ginger in his coat and no white markings.

The second is on a Bullyland Friesian mold. This model isn't brilliant in conformation but it is rather cute with a little wavy mane and tail. I have based her on this horse here:

This guy has very little ginger in his coat and a little white star. I wanted the two models to be as different as possible.

I love painting black models but I think I may need more black paint! And now my hand looks like it is necrotic...

Updates and pictures will be coming soon :D

Friday, 23 March 2012

Information About Our Website

Dear fellow model horse people,

As many of you know I run a website ( This site is hosted by an eCommerce provider called 'Tiger Commerce'. I found out a few weeks ago that they have been acquired by another eCommerce provider ekm Powershop.

This means that all of our software will be moving from the Tiger Commerce platform and onto Ekm Powershop. This should be happening within the next few weeks. Although I have been assured that this shouldn't effect the website there is a chance that it may and I apologise in advance if it does.

I am hoping that this will work out to be a good relationship and that ekm will help to enhance the store further, however, if costs increase then I unfortunately will have to make some tough decisions about the future.

I will of course be keeping people updated!

In other internet related news my web provider (Waitrose) is becoming part of John Lewis. To cut a long story short the result is that we may have to move provider. This may mean no internet down time at all but will more than likely mean months without internet access...we will see how that one pans out but me and my Windows Phone may be getting rather acquainted (again).

Hope all is well,

Catriona x

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Macclesfield Live Show

Yesterday was the first real live show of the season so I thought I would share a selection of pictures with you and let you know how the show was. It was in Macclesfield and ran by Claire Ashworth who did a brilliant job :)

Tables of ponies - these particular ones are Debi Jennings and Debra Hulse's

Rachel and her table

An absolutely beautiful resin with a mohair mane and tail (I think this guy is owned by Claire Ashworth)

Line's of ponies

The OF Spanish class. My two are the Caliente and Pecos (I decided Pecos should get at least one day out)

The OF British Native class...the Pony Family Stallion is my boy:

One of the beautiful new windswept AA's

The OF Paint Horse class (the two littlen's are both mine):

My beautiful Hattie who got first place:

A very nice 5-gaiter:

An adorable little Donkey and CTF Champion:

A beautiful resin Vanner and overall reserve to reserve champion:

A very nice mohair custom

The Custom Spanish class, the PS Chips, Esprit and grey Andalusian Stallion are all mine:

Custom stock - the Palomino Zippo on the far side is my boy. He won his class:

AA Other Light Horse:

CM British Native (you can just see my two little small guys):

A better shot of British Native showing my CM Heredites resin and two custom Stablemates:

Custom Glazed China Reserve Champion:

A very cute little Shetland:

A little AA Cupid with a bird:

A wonderful custom mohaired mane:

A very nice custom Arab:

My new purchase of the day an Animal Artistry Mule who then got Reserve AA Champion:

The custom Youngstock class, the Andalusian foal and the cantering Stablemate are mine:

The Overall Championship:

An English ridden entry:

Another English Ridden entry:

A couple of jumping entries:

A lovely Western ridden entry:

Native American costume:

There are hundreds more pictures on Facebook but I thought I would share some at least.