Wednesday, 28 March 2012

European Extravaganza Updates!


Well I have started work on the next custom. He is a little Papo Fjord stallion. Not the most appealing of molds but still kinda cute actually:

I decided I wanted a less traditional Fjord, something really creamy and light :D So this is the reference picture I chose:

(obviously both stolen pictures, I apologise...again...)

He is rather cute isn't he :p

So I started by doing a base of peach over all of the areas that needed colour, very lightly airbrushed. Then I sprayed primer lightly over the whole horse, this just lightens the colour to a lighter dun, it's a technique I've found rather useful over the years!

The next stage was darkening using pastels, so basically neck and face and a bit along the back and inside the muscles (although the mold isn't particularly well muscled).

Next up I started the legs. These are firstly brown and black pastel mixed together to form most of the shading and then using a hard brush it is drawn in lines to form the stripes. It took me around 10 minutes per leg but it is now done.

I then started the details and mane and tail. I shaded the muzzle using black and also the genitalia. The mane had to be repainted white as there was some overspray and then the mane crest was done in black mixed with brown. The forelock is light brown, then dark brown and then black. The tail is the same as the forelock. The dorsal stripe is just black and brown again. All of this done in pastels...

The last bit I managed to get done today was the base coat for the eyes. But still needs those finishing, hooves doing and painted details. He does look rather cute though!


Last night I started work on the spanish bridle. The set up will ultimately be something along these lines:

Again I've been stealing pictures....

I'm using a classic scale levading lippizan for it. Can't decide whether he should be bay like this guy or grey...

Anyway the bridle. Well after discovering that I did not have a Spanish bit I decided to improvise. So I took a Western curb bit (one with hearts on) And added a little piece of chain and a piece of wire to recreate the look of a proper Spanish bit. I've also done the cheek pieces and the browband is attached on one side.

Ultimately it will look something like this:

O yes another stolen picture...I really need to sort out my reference library...

So yes we are getting there slowly! I am revising....honestly...

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