Monday, 15 October 2012


Hi guys,

This is a little non-model horsey related post to let you know about Daisy. Meet Daisy my 3 year old piggie whom I bred several years ago. Her mother is still alive and lives with her but her daddy is sadly no longer with us:

I realised yesterday that Daisy had gotten herself pregnant. I know when this happened as I only have one un-castrated boar and I know about two weeks before I got married the two of them were off on some form of romantic retreat in the scrub land behind our house. Meet the offending male guinea pig, Hugo:

Unfortunately Daisy is three years old and has never been bred from before, the risk of her giving birth with a fused pelvis is therefore very large.

As a result we rushed her to the vets this morning. After being x-rayed the vets concluded that her pelvis hadn't fused and therefore she wasn't at too much of a risk. She has four babies inside so we are now just counting down the days to wait and see whether she has them OK.

So yes I will keep you updated and hopefully in a week or so we shall have some cute baby piggie pictures!