Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Breyerfest Horses

Today's post is a little share about some of the Breyerfest models that have been announced for this years Denim and Diamonds.

First up is Blue Bird who is one of the raffle models. This is a star dapple grey on the Tortillas mold. The model could be gorgeous but I think you will agree those dapples are a little odd!

Right number two is one of the Boots and Bling models. This gorgeous bucking bronco is definitely different. I'm not quite sure about the base colour on this one but the decoration is gorgeous. I do love decorators!

Next up is one of the exclusive models. This is two step a beautiful dun on the Destado mold. I love this colour on this mold it's absolutely gorgeous. I think this is one of the nicest of the bunch

And finally for now my favourite. I LOVE the Haflinger mold, it's just so gorgeous and pony like and this little cutey is no exception to the cuteness. He is just gorgeous in every way, I know he's not everyone's cup of tea but I adore him. So meet Buckaroo.

RIP Rowan

This morning we lost our eldest Guinea Pig Rowan. Rowan was born several years ago and was one of the first guinea pigs I ever bred.

Her mother was Stella (who we lost in 2011) and Polo (who we also lost in 2011).

In her long time with us Rowan had several litters the babies we kept included Daisy and Melon who are both still with us.

Late last year she also became a grandmother when her daughter Daisy gave birth to three pups. Only one survived and Rowan lives on in her beautiful grandson, Rainbow.

Rowan was also the last of our rossetted guinea pigs. All of our remaining piggies are smooth hair or long hair.

So rest in peace Rowan you were an amazing character and my life will never quite be the same without you saying hello to me everyday