Monday, 28 January 2019

Ready for NaMoPaiMo?

There are just 3 days to go and then we can all get painting! If you are anything like me you've probably left everything to the last minute...

But in shocking news I have actually prepped my model already! (I know right what has happened to me, I'm becoming prepared and organised). I prepped my Classic model horse just over a week ago and he is all ready to paint. He is currently sat in my spray box staring at me! How likely do you guys think it is that I actually finish him before the end of February? I'm not exactly hopeful, I haven't painted a single horse this year *hides behind sofa*

O I should say, before I share some pics of my project, if you don't know what Namopaimo (National Model Painting Month) is then check out the Facebook group here, you've only got a couple more days to sign up so get planning if you intend to take part!

My Project

So last year you guys may remember I painted the very beautiful Dionysus here: 

Now he was my kind of project, Stablemate scale, a lovely colour, covered in sparkles and generally everything I want from a model horse.

But this year I thought it was about time I did something that actually challenged me. No Stablemates. No minis. Something big. Something very big.

OK so it isn't that big if you are a normal human being and paint normal sized horses, but if your me and a Stablemate is on the large side, then this is basically a GIANT LIFE SIZE HORSE.

So without further ado I give you my project horse, a rather boring Breyer Classic:

Now you're probably thinking, what a random choice? Well yes he is a random choice, that's because I had two Breyer Classic bodies, knew I wanted to paint a Classic and chose him at random. I'm not sure where he came from, I think I won him in a raffle at a live show last year. Anyway poor creature is now going to have my painting skills inflicted upon in.

Now as if painting a Classic wasn't bad enough, in a moment of complete and utter and total insanity I decided (genius that I am) that I am not only going to work in a scale that I hate working it but I am also going to paint my most hated of all the colours...a....PINTO. I hate pintos. Ucky. Horrible colour to paint. YUK YUK YUK. But they look so pretty I hear you cry! Yes that's because you aren't the one painting several million layers of white on the bloody things.

Deep breaths.

So here goes nothing, my reference picture for this month of insanity (because it is not my image here is a link to it):

O yea did I not also mention that I chose a ridiculously challenging base colour as well? And you know how much I hate dapples? Yep this thing has dapples.

So in conclusion. I wish I could be the person I thought I was when I had drunk a bottle of cider and signed up for Namopaimo. We will find out in a month's time whether I am or not. Maybe you should all send more cider?