Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Open for Offers - Vintage Club Charlie

Eowyn needs an ultra sound and x-rays. So I need a few spare pennies! So I'm taking offers on this girl until 9pm GMT tonight.

Payment by tomorrow at the latest. Postage is £2.85 2nd class UK (other options available).

She is the Traditional Scale Breyer Vintage Club Charlie. She had a broken forelock when I received her which has been glued back on.

I had kept her for customising or performance but I need the money. The break line could probably be touched up or repaired. It can't be seen in normal pictures so she is fine for photoshowing. She is tack friendly and a lovely model :)

Has a few other factory flaws as you can see in the pictures.

Email or message me on Facebook or comment on the post if you would like to make an offer.

The current offer is £76