Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Tuesday was another of those weird days where I had a lot of other things to do so things were all a little not normal...

As we didn't have EU law in the morning and I had no food I persuaded the husband to drive me to Tesco so I could do a big shop...that way I won't have to go shopping again for ages freeing up more time to work!

Once we got back I did a brief amount of work (that tort case from yesterday....) before I had to go home to go to the dentist..

Despite being in agony I was told that it is not my wisdom tooth (although it feels exactly the same as the other one which they had to remove) and that it is actually my jaw....didn't even get some decent pain killers....

Once back I proceeded to do an hours worth of land law reading on registered land, particularly important as I'm missing two lectures for the law buddying (not good I know). The Dixon textbook is really good though, one of my favourites so that is helpful at least!

I then did 15 minutes of Spanish before doing half an hour of EU reading and heading off to Tort law. I ran out of coffee in tort law (never good) think I might start taking two flasks with me, these end of day lectures are not good for my energy levels they sort of hit me in the lull before my sedatives wear off and whilst I'm still feeling tired.

Once home my husband cooked (always good, I have him well trained) before updating my website with some new products requested by a customer (see I'm a nice business owner I'm always open to customer requests, if they ask they get most of the time) before doing some work on my cross stitch bookmark (I would add a picture but currently it is a load of red blobs on a red strip of aida so not particularly interesting).

More law buddying tomorrow and the first internal debate (v. nervous about how that will go).

Cat x