Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Crimson Coral CM Live

Thank you everyone who made Sunday such a great day :D

This was the first in a series of shows and I can't wait to run the others, they look like they are all going to be such great fun :D

The money raised is a running thing, all the profit from all the shows will be added up at the end of the year. It is easier to do this because I've bought prizes for all the shows in big lots.

So far the running total is....£21.25

That probably doesn't sound like much but when you take into account that this show didn't sell out and that one of the items on the spreadsheet was £75 worth of prizes for all 6 shows, it makes a bit more sense!

But anyway I'm sure what you are really interested in is pictures.

Link to all the images: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10153789434650155.1073741983.689360154&type=1&l=d9f208d471

And some selected highlights :)

Workmanship champion:

Workmanship reserve:

Workmanship Reserve to Reserve (my own CRS Uthopia)

Some adorable donkeys

CM Commercial Champion

CM Commercial Reserve

CM Commercial Reserve to Reserve

A very pretty AQH

CM Mini Champion - CRS Serenity

CM Mini Reserve - CRS Der Gruftwatcher

CM Mini Reserve to Reserve

CM Trad/Classic Champion

CM Trad/Classic Reserve

CM Trad/Classic Reserve to Reserve

I painted this little cutey many moons ago, nice to see her still out and about

The Supreme Champion rosettes and prizes

CM SM/LB Champion

CM SM/LB Reserve

CM SM/LB Reserve to Reserve

CM CTF Champion

CM CTF Reserve (well done Laura, all that pastel pencilling was totally worth it)

CM CTF Reserve to Reserve

Supreme Champion

Supreme Reserve

Supreme Reserve to Reserve

Some very happy owners with the Supreme line up - well done to Nicki and Debbie, beautiful horses and well deserved :D