Friday, 22 February 2019

Muir Woods is HERE!

I am absolutely so excited by my new arrival. Having spent an entire weeks wages on this boy I can say I really don't regret it. I'm so annoyed that tomorrow's show is a minis show, I wish I could take this boy along with me to show! But there's another live show in a couple of weeks so he'll get a chance to go and grace the show ring soon.

Muir Woods was a Breyer Collector's Club special run, for those who don't know me and my bad luck, I've been a club member since the Breyer Collector's Club started and this is only the third time I've ever been picked for a model!

So despite not being able to afford it, I just knew I had to have him, he is by far the prettiest of the three (the others are Poseidon and Avalanche).

So without further ado say hello to CRS Caramel Impulse (Muir Woods)

I mean seriously he is SO SHINY

No photo description available.

I wacked the brightness up on this one to show you just how beautiful he is!

Am I not the luckiest potato ever? I very much feel that way! I just want to show him off to EVERYONE! LOOK AT MY SHINY BEAN!

O and in further news he of course came with a mystery bag to get decent packaging....I now have three of the blue Unicorn Magnolias! Probably didn't need a third one :p But hey more customising fodder!