Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Weekend That Was

Well more the Sunday that was as I worked all day Saturday...

First up is packing for BMECS....haven't even managed two boxes...

The packing station

The wrapping up and cleaning station

Box number two in progress

This is a Western saddle that is currently in progress. It will be tan and black when finished. So far in the process of cutting it out, all dyed in a nice dark tan

This is surprisingly a grackle bridle. It will eventually be brown with silver hardware and a D-ring bit

This is a light dapple grey Hanoverian that is currently in progress as a commission piece

This boy is another commission piece, he will eventually be cremello

This will be my BMECS donation piece. A diamonte covered mini whinnie!


Meant to do a post about this guy ages ago but didn't get round to it! Personally I would have preferred the Lonesome Glory mold but Smarty is OK too...