Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Like Lightening

I'm rather proud of my yesterday self.

Why am I so proud? I got this headcollar completed and shipped the same day as it was ordered! Yep that's right the SAME DAY!

I'm so proud of me.

Also quite a nice headcollar. I like the leather design, it always looks so neat.

I should name this horse at some point...she is my live show demonstration horse/tack making horse/general dogs body. She should probably get a name...

CollectA Horses Update

Hello everyone :)

Well it's an exciting week here, loads of updates and pre-orders finally being shipped.

For me that's great, because I've managed to get the pending orders on my website down to just 18, which feels nice! That said I know a lot of you are waiting on CollectA models.

I chased up today and can confirm we have shipping dates!

Nearly all the horses will be with us late June.

The two mid year releases, the Grevy's Zebra and the Black Forest Stallion will be with us late July (shown below)

Grevy's Zebra  - 88773
Black Forest Horse Stallion - 88769

Which is great because it means all being well they should be in stock in time for Perfect Purple Plastic CTF Live!!!

You can also pre-order these lovely horses at