Saturday, 10 September 2016

Colours of the Rainbow Lives 2017

Entries are now open for all of the Colours of the Rainbow Live Shows.

To get a full schedule and to book a place please email:

We are also looking for donations, particularly raffle prize donations. If you would like to donate please get in touch.

Entry Fees

Entry fees are the same for all shows:

General - £15.00
Half Table - £10.00
Proxy - £5.00
Spectator - £2.00

Here is a run down of all seven shows!

Crimson Coral CM Live

When? 12th February 2017
Where? Lewknor, Oxfordshire
What for? Custom finish model horses


Custom Traditional & Classic
Custom Other Scale
Workmanship Traditional & Classic
Workmanship Other Scale
Custom CTF & Commercial
Vintage Custom

OMG Orange Other OF & Newcommers Live

When? 12th March 2017
Where? Lewknor, Oxfordshire
What for? Plastic CTF, Commercial Resin & China and Newcommers


Schleich & CollectA
Commercial Resin
Commercial China
Solid Plastic CTF
Other CTF

Crazy Citron Clinkies Live

When? 9th April 2017
Where? Lewknor, Oxfordshire
What for? Artist resin and china and Animal Artistry


Artist Resin (Traditional & Classic)
Artist Resin (Other Scales)
Artist China
AA China
AA Resin

Majestic Minty Mini Live

When? 6th May 2017
Where? Lewknor, Oxfordshire
What for? Model horses 1:24 scale and under


Original Finish
Custom Finish
Artist Resin
Animal Artistry

Beautiful Blue Bendy CTF Live

When? 4th June 2017
Where? Lewknor, Oxfordshire
What for? Bendy CTF model horses


Julip Original
Foundation Equorum
Julip HOYS
Other Equorum
Rubbernedz & Rydals
Performance & Fun

Pretty in Pink Performance Live

When? 1st July 2017
Where? Lewknor, Oxfordshire
What for? Performance only


English Performance
Western Performance
Other Performance
Newcommers Performance
Tack Appreciation

Perfect Purple Plastic OF Live

When? 30th July 2017
Where? Lewknor, Oxfordshire
What for? Plastic original finish


Breyer Traditional
Breyer Stablemate
Breyer Classic & Paddock Pal
Peter Stone Traditional
Peter Stone Chips & Pebbles
Copperfox & Other Original Finish

So there we go! That is the complete series. Spaces for some will sell out quicker than others but there are loads of spaces left for all of them as it stands. Each show will be completely themed with amazing rosettes, certificates and some unique prizes.

Each show has fun classes at lunch which are open to all as well as a lunchtime raffle.

There will be Chestnut Ridge sales throughout the day and we are hoping that Animal Artistry and Julip Originals will be joining us for a few shows as well.

There will also be space for sales at lunchtime :)