Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Model Horse Glossary

The full glossary can be found on our website here: http://www.chestnutridge.co.uk/glossary.html#/

The model horse glossary below is designed to help those new to the hobby with some of its terms that can be a little confusing! It is also published on our website so you can check back if you ever see anything that you don't understand.

As well as terms we've also included a list of abbreviations (which can also be quite confusing)!

Got a term you think should be added? Then drop us a comment below or email me!



Animal Artistry - This is a brand of resin and china model horses, they often have their own section at live shows

Artist Resin - This are limited run models, sculpted by artists and cast in resin. They are usually sold unpainted from the artist.


Bendy CTF - In the UK it is not uncommon for the CTF (that's craft, toy, foundation) section of a live show to be split into 'plastic CTF' and 'bendy CTF'. Bendy CTF models are those made from materials such as latex or rubber. These commonly include Julips, Equorums, RubberNedz and Rydals.

Body - A model that is in poor condition and is good for customising only

Breyerfest - This is a yearly event run by Breyer and held in the USA


Classic - These are approximately 1:12 scale model horses

Condition - This refers to the quality of the model

Craft Collectable ​- Refers to more expensive CTF models, usually RubberNedz, Rydals and non-Foundation Equorums

CTF (Craft, Toy, Foundation) - Refers to a section at model horse shows for models that are either craft made (e.g. felties), toys (e.g. Schleich) or foundation models (e.g. Julips). Often split into bendy and plastic.

Custom - This is a model horse that has been altered in some way. For example it may be repainted.

Customising - This is the process of changing a model horse in some way by repainting, resculpting or mohairing


Drastic Custom - A custom model horse that has been greatly altered from its original state and is often unrecognisable as the original model.


Etchie - This is a model that has been customized by removing paintwork, usually with some form of blade.


Factory Finish - This is a model that is in the same state as it was when it left the factory


Glossed - A model with a shiny finish


Just About Horses (JAH) - This is a magazine published by Breyer Horses


Littlebit - These are 1:18 - 1:24 scale model horses

Live Show - These are events where people meet to show their model horses in person

Live Show Quality - A contentious term that refers to a model being suitable to be shown at a live show


Mint in Box - A model that is in good condition and have never been removed from their packaging.

Model Horse Love - This is a UK based model horse forum which can be found here: http://modelhorselove.proboards.com/index.cgi

Mohair - A type of natural hair used to hair models

Micro Mini - These are approximately 1:64 scale model horses


North American Nationals (NAN) - A USA qualifying live show, horses have to place 1st or 2nd at qualifier shows in order to attend


Original Finish - A model that has not been altered in any way since it left the factory/producer

One of a Kind - A model where only one has been made/produced


Paddock Pal - Approximately 1:18 - 1:24 scale model horses

Plastic CTF - In the UK it is not uncommon for the CTF (that is craft, toy, foundation) section of a model horse live show to be split into 'plastic CTF' and 'bendy CTF'. The plastic CTF section is for models that are made of plastic, such as Schleich, CollectA, Safari, Mini Whinnies, Grand Champions and Magpies.

Photo Show Quality - A model that is good quality but may have some marks and flaws that would not show up in a photograph

Performance - This is a type of class in which horses are shown with tack on and often also with riders


Repainted - A model that has been repainted has new paint added

Resculpted - A model that has been altered and given new sculpting

Regular Run - A model produced as an open run by a company such as Breyer


Stablemate - Approximately 1:32 scale model horses

Special Run - A model that has been produced especially for a certain event or in a limited number


Traditional - Approximately 1:9 scale model horses


Unpainted - A model without paint work


Vintage - An older model, definitions vary as to how old but older than 20 years or pre-1990 are currently common definitions

List of Common Abbreviations


AA - Animal Artistry/Anglo Arab

AC - Artist China

Andy - Andalusian

ASB - American Saddlebred

ASH - Australian Stock Horse

AQH - American Quarter Horse

AR - Artist Resin


BF - BreyerFest

BNIB - Brand New In Box


CC - Craft Collectable

CCR - Commercial Resin and China

CF - Copperfox

CM - Custom Finish

COA - Certificate of Authenticity

CR - Chestnut Ridge

You will see the letters CRS on this website quite a lot, this is simply my own prefix and stands for 'Chestnut Ridge Stables'

CTF - Craft, Toy, Foundation


FAF - Family Arab Foal

FAM - Family Arab Mare

FAS - Family Arab Stallion


HTF - Hard To Find


JAH ​- Just About Horses


ID - Irish Draught

ISH - Irish Sports Horse/Ideal Stock Horse


LE - Limited Edition

LSQ ​- Live Show Quality

Ltd - Limited


MFT - Missouri Fox Trotter

MH$P/MHSP - Model Horse Sales Pages

MIB ​- Mint in Box


NAN ​- North American Nationals

NASD - North American Spotted Draft

NRFB - Never Removed From Box

NSH - National Show Horse


OF - Original Finish

OOAK ​- One of a Kind


PAF - Proud Arab Foal

PAM - Proud Arab Mare

PAS - Proud Arab Stallion

PB - Partbred

PSQ - Photo Show Quality


QH - Quarter Horse

QVC - Quality, Value, Convenience (an American shopping channel/store)


SR - Special Run


TB - Thoroughbred

TSC - Tractor Supply Company

TWH - Tennessee Walking Horse


VTG - Vintage