Friday, 29 April 2016

Blood and Thunder

A very dramatic name for a little pony, but she is rather cute and dramatic coloured so I think it kinda suits in a way!

She is a Breyer Mini Whinnie (as you can probably tell)

And has been painted to 'red taffy' or silver bay

She is very adorable!

And she is also for sale here:

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Bahia and Para

Here are some better pictures of these two single day Stablemates



Para 1
para 2

Break the Skies

I'm so in love with this little guy (well girl technically), she is just adorable!

I mean I love the Britains Suffolk anyway but I'm really happy with how this girl turned out.

She sooooo chunky

I'm really glad that I managed to control myself and paint her chestnut. She very nearly ended up silver dapple. But I showed self restraint and chose a normal colour for once!

However, we must part ways, she is for sale if anyone wants her, link below

Linky link:

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

10th Anniversary Event

So as many of you know I'd been after ideas as to what to do for Chestnut Ridge's 10th anniversary next year.

Pretty much everyone wanted a large live show and hobby weekend. So that is what we are going to do!

But I really wanted it to be more than just a show, more than just a hobby weekend and more than just an event focused on Chestnut Ridge.

I wanted to create something in which all of the hobby could get involved and was really focused around hobbyists. I wanted to take all of those ideas for non-live show days that people have had over the years and incorporate them. Everything from the swap meets to "I want to spend a day eating cake".

Cantering Carousel hopefully will achieve that! Yes it will be a celebration of our birthday but it will also be about you, every wonderful hobbyists without which we wouldn't have reached 10 years and who make my life in the hobby so wonderful.

Hence why I didn't want a Chestnut Ridge orientated name and wanted something more universal (thank you to all those who brain stormed with me and then who were completely ignored...).

So here it is, we have a Facebook page and blog and the aim is that every Monday we will announce something new. Obviously our first priority is to secure a venue and weekend next year. The hope is to go for late July/early August and somewhere relatively central.

My plan is to have tickets available from October onwards, so sit tight and keep following, o and share with absolutely every hobbyist you know, it's gonna be an awesome weekend (and there will also be a lot of free stuff...)

Facebook page:


O and every good event needs a logo, so we have a logo!

Yellow Headcollar

Before I was distracted by photoshop and spreadsheets I did actually manage to do something productive this morning.

I give you a bright yellow headcollar

I have quite an impressive rainbow of headcollars going on right now!

'tis for sale if you'd like :)

Blinding Tears

I finished off this tiny little guy late last night but didn't have a chance to photograph him until this morning.

So meet Blinding Tears

He is a Breyer Mini Whinnie rearing Arab Stallion

And he has been painted to a Classic Ivory Champagne (I promise I'll stop painting champagne coloured horses now)

He is £10.00 if you would like to add him to your herd :)

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Just a Few Hours Left to Win...

If you want to be in with a chance at winning a Breyer Cutting Horse and Calf set then there are just a few hours left to sign up to the Chestnut Ridge newsletter!

To sign up visit: and fill in your details into the box on the right hand side.

But hurry! You must sign up before 4pm BST today or you won't be in with a chance of winning!

Once you've signed up sit back and relax. At around 4.30pm you will receive an email (make sure to check your junk mail), in that email will be details of how you could win!

But be quick...the clock is ticking...

 Cutting Horse & Calf

Headcollars, Headcollars, Headcollars

You know when I have those obsessive weeks where I just make hundreds of the same thing (remember the bridle obsession that only ended because I ran out of bits?) well this week it is all about headcollars.

I'm trying to interrupt my obsessive headcollar making with a bit of painting and working on April's magazine (just wrote a fascinating article about how to correctly hold Western reins).

But alas we've already done three headcollars this week alone! This poor AQH mare is going to be so thankful when she finally makes it out of the body box and into the painting station!

First up is purple:

Then a sort of dark green:

And next a royal blue:

The hope is to also get a yellow and pink finished this week. I may even make some larger ones, but I don't really have anything suitable in my body box! I think poor Stunner might have to be used for tack fitting again...

Monday, 25 April 2016

The Rest of the Single Day Stablemates

I've already shared Amapa, but here are the other three:

BreyerFest Bahia

BreyerFest Para

San Paulo
BreyerFest Sao Paulo

Is that the new Geronimo mould I spy :D

A Small New Herd

I finally got around to photographing the grab bag horses that I'm keeping (Prince of Chintz and Aries are still up for sale if you want them).

And I also had a new arrival today so she got to join in the fun!

First up is my eBay find, this is Ten Gallon, described as a 'dolls house horse' I came across him by accident and grabbed him for £6.

I've named her CRS Tyra Sanchez

Now onto the grab bag horses.

Primmore's Pride (CRS Venus D-Lite) who also came with a book, so some light reading for tonight :p

The Marwari - CRS Pheonix

Saddleclub Prancer - CRS Mimi Imfurst

Jubilation Mule - CRS India Ferrah

And I'm so happy with this one! I really wanted one of these beauties, Gliterati aka CRS Mariah

And finally the BF Special Run which I'm keeping, Aintree, or CRS Stacy Layne Mathews

As you can see his leg needs a bit of fixing!


The first of the Stablemate special runs for BreyerFest has been released.

And I am IN LOVE!

amapa2 v2

Western Breastplate

I finished off this rather nice Classic western breastplate last week.

It is just brown leather but has been made a little more fancy with decorative plates

So shiny :D

I also used decorative Dee rings, for a little bit more special

Very beautiful

The plates have a floral design

Three New Customs

Three new custom horses have been finished off since I last posted :)

First up is 'Bleed Red'

Red has been done to a Gold Champagne

She is a Safari Mini

I'm not completely happy with the colour but she is quite unusual so I'm sure someone will like her!

She is for sale if you would like her just drop me a comment (or check

Next is 'Bleeding Love'

He is an Amber Ivory Champagne

He could also probably pass for a Mulberry Grey

He is rather gorgeous!

He is also for sale if you would like him

And of course he has a brother, meet 'Bleed Well'

This guy has been done to Classic Champagne

He is another G3 Peruvian Paso Stablemate

He does have some damage so is for sale for slightly less (just £12)

I do rather like him, I thought the colour may be a little dull, but I'm quite happy with him