Monday, 19 November 2018

Current For Sale Customs

Honestly you can't go wrong with a custom as a Christmas gift! Guaranteed not to already have the model, it's cute and adorable, it makes it look like you listen...

Anyway here are the custom model horses that are currently for sale at Chestnut Ridge. All of these were painted by me within the last four months.

Please check the images carefully for scale and condition. 

If you have any questions just drop me a message :) Hopefully I should be back painting soon and will have more listed promptly (I did have one that was nearly finished but someone let the cat in the painting room....).


Price: £25.00

Causation is a lovely custom G4 Mustang to a light black. He has lots of depth of colour with subtle shading throughout.


Price: £25.00

Cavatina is a light bay G3 Tennessee Walking Horse. As well as a lovely coat colour she also has a beautiful green and dark green ribbon.


Price: £16.00

Chali is so tiny and so adorable! She is a custom mini whinnie foal and has been painted to chestnut with white socks. This little girl is smaller than a 2p coin.

Change The World

Price: £25.00

I do love a good liver chestnut! This is a lovely G2 Arabian in a dark liver chestnut with heavy white markings.


Price: £25.00

Certainty is one of two bay reiners we have for sale. Am I certain? I can definitely say that with Certainty. Well unless one of them has sold of course...


Price: £25.00

Chances is the second of the bay G4 Reiners we have for sale. Will you take a chance on him?

Centralised Enforcement

Price: £25.00

Centralised Enforcement is another custom G4 Mustang. This one is a lovely rich dark bay with a white star on his head.


Price: £25.00

Changes is another liver chestnut that I just adore. This one is on the G3 Peruvian Paso mould and has a white sock and white stripe. He even has some subtle dappling if you look closely.


Price: £25.00

I am honestly surprised this beautiful girl hasn't been snapped up yet! Centerfold is a lovely rich chestnut pinto on the G3 Warmblood mould.

Celestial Deconstruction

Price: £25.00

This is one of those models that I would buy just for the name alone. But he will also make a lovely show piece. A solid black on the popular G4 Chrome (Andalusian) mould.

Chasing Cars

Price: £24.00

Look its something that isn't a Stablemate! Normally the Schleich and CollectA customs get snapped up within minutes so I'm surprise this guy is still here. Maybe it's because I like him? My tastes never seem to be the same as others!

Chain Reaction

Price: £25.00

Chain Reaction is a lovely light grey G3 Arabian stallion. He has a little bit of pink on his nose and subtle shading.

Celebration Day

Price: £25.00

Last but by no means least is this lovely bright chestnut G3 Tennessee Walking Horse. This model has gorgeous shading and a really pretty light and dark purple ribbon which contrasts beautifully with his chestnut coat.

This blog post was written by Catriona Harris, owner of Chestnut Ridge and model horse fanatic.

Unboxing the Oldies

So on Friday I moved back home and with me came several boxes of model horses that have been living at my parents house for quite some time. These guys haven't really been anywhere but on a shelf for over 4 years! So I apologise if they appear dusty :p They will get a proper dust at some point I promise!

Anyway I thought I would introduce you to some of my favourites from the ones I've already unboxed. I've got about four boxes left so we are getting there slowly! Once they are all unboxed I will do a collection tour video as I haven't done one of those in ages (and its the first time the whole collection will be together in over 4 years) :D

P.S. I'm running really low on shelf space. Someone nag my husband to put up more shelves for me please :p

First up we have Apollo one of the Treasure Hunt Silvers. One thing I am really looking forward to is having all the Silvers together again! I need to get back into working on my conga (once I've got hold of a Sonorah for my Bobby Jo conga of course).

Secondly we have another silver, this time Matrix. I always liked this model despite the fact he's quite simple looking.

As well as lots of Breyers there were also several of my childhood horses. Including this grey four horse gift set. Unfortunately, the plastic on three of them had snapped :( Frost survived though!

This guy was my first ever Breyer Traditional. It's Hidalgo on the Silver mould. Yep, the Silevr addiction started early!

Speaking of addictions...this is Jameson, one of my many many many Equorum Shetland Foals. This is one of my "picked up for a few pounds on eBay" foals. I have waaaay too many black ones...

Now two more adorable cuties. I mean how could you not love these little baby My Little Ponies? They are just the cutest things!

I've also brought over my Ethereal Collection. So far I've unboxed Water and Wind. Water is by far my favourite of the two so he is the one I've chosen to share. He's a dapply one!

Pine is one of my vintage woodgrains. I got this little guy in a selection of vintage models I bought from the USA in 2014 just before we moved into our old house. He would have been one of the last to be unboxed and shelved at my parents.

Little Bub is a Sherman Morgan, he looks quite ugly on the shelf but his show name is Hidden Beauty because when photographed there is just something rather stunning about him. I don't feel that way about any of my other Sherman Morgans but this guy, this guy is stunning.

I honestly don't think a collection is complete without Cupid and Arrow. The sad part is that Arrow has been living with the main collection. I would say they are reunited but they are on different shelves. They can look at each other at least.

Craig is one of my glossy Treasure Hunt Wintersongs. I still don't have the full set...I'm still missing that glossy chestnut!

Finally Diamond. I nagged Brendon to get me this one for years and he never did. Eventually I just bought myself one on eBay. He really doesn't take hints. You know this model has real diamond dust in its finish? Pretty cool!

I hope you enjoyed that :D I'll get some more pics up over the next few days and hopefully by the weekend I'll have everyone unboxed and I can do a full collection tour! Watch out now I've found my GoPro you're going to be harassed with videos :p

This blog post was written by Catriona Harris, owner of Chestnut Ridge and model horse fanatic.