Friday, 6 May 2016

Nashira and Nebula

I actually finished off two resins yesterday but I felt Celestia deserved her own post, particularly as her pictures were hidden behind the other resins on Facebook.

So meet CRS Nashira (Celestia) and her little friend Nebula

She is an AA China Venus with unicorn horn and cat

Her base is dark blue with black shading

Her mane and tail are dark purple with black shading and gloss for emphasis

Her details have been done in silver with gloss on top, her eye has purple as the iris instead of brown

Her base is solid black with silver leaves with clear gold glitter on top

Nebula is done in white with pink and purple shading and gold glitter with purple eyes

Her background stars are simply white paint applied with a cocktail stick

Her stand out stars are all silver gems, they have been done in the shape of constellations. So if you can spot any let me know what you think you can see!

A better shot of her base:

And a lying down shot to show off her colour in better light

Celestia will be joining my show string but with three new AA unicorns and two unqualified for this year I think we are going to have to do a bit of unicorn rotating at the next few shows!

Breyer Horses Due Next Week

It's been a long wait but we are finally getting there, just four more horses to go and we will have everything!

But in the mean time check out the amazing delivery we are due next week, you are going to want to get your paws on these guys!

O and here's a handy tip, you can pre-order some of these at and today if you spend over £50.00 you get a free classic!

So who is due:

Cherry Creek Fonzie Merit
 Cherry Creek Fonzie Merit - Canadian Horse

Rhapsody in Black
 Rhapsody in Black - Arabian

Hickory Hills Wall Street
 Hickory Hills Wall Street


Harper (back in stock)
 Harper - Tobiano Pinto

Bay Horse & Foal
 Stablemates Bay Horse & Foal

Leopard Appaloosa Horse & Foal
 Stablemates Leopard Appaloosa Horse & Bay Semi-Appaloosa Foal

Grey Horse & Chestnut Foal
 Stablemates Grey Horse & Chestnut Foal

Grulla Horse & Foal
 Stablemates Grulla Horse & Foal

Competing at the Games
 Stablemates Competing at the Games

Mini Whinnie Surprise Series 2 (back in stock)
 Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 2

American Pharoah
 American Pharoah


I posted a pic of Toro many months ago when he was first leaked but it has been pointed out to me that I've never done a proper post!

So anyway 2016 Flagship model, Toro

I definitely think I'll be ordering one of these in from the USA, such a gorgeous colour.