Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The Julip Hoard

Wow, what a 24 hours it's been! I've finally sat down today and gone through my images and catalogued the 18 Julips I'm keeping out of the lot (spot the missing one :p).

There are still two, however, that I'm not sure on the mould of, I think I've got the rest right but feel free to correct me if you think there are any errors! And if you can ID the mould on the two that I'm not sure on that would be amazingly helpful :)

For those who aren't on Facebook here is where these came from and their story:

So a few weeks ago I came across a very interesting auction online.

It was described as 18 Julip horses and accessories and had one very poor photo that basically showed some boxes and a black horse stood up.

After much computer based inspection I could make out what appeared to be a few originals, enough that I knew it was worth taking a punt on and enough that I could set a maximum.

So I spoke to Brendon (and my parents) and he agreed that he would drive me to Cornwall to pick them up if I won. He also agreed they could be my birthday present and we set a maximum we were prepared to pay (afterall for all we knew there could be 18 modern HOTY models in bad condition)!

Last Wednesday I sat in my parents hall, praying to the gods of internet connections, and watched half an auction until my lot came up.

I bid. And bid. And came very close to my maximum! Someone in the room was bidding which gave me confidence that they weren't all awful. In the end we paid less than our maximum including fees which was nice :D

And so today we got up at 4.30am to drive to Cornwall to find out exactly what I got. I had set my hopes low, but I knew at the price we paid there only needed to be 3 originals for it to be worth while.

Well what can I say. There are some moments as a collector you just get lucky. Lucky you found the thing, lucky nobody else found the thing and lucky you were prepared to take a risk (and an amazing husband).

In total there were 19 (somebody can't spell) horses. 18 Julip Originals and the black thing I could see in the listing that is maybe a custom? Maybe a repair job? No idea.

There were also 8 riders, a huge amount of tack, a few little bits and bobs, some 1980's catalogues and a fox hound :D (o and a metal comb which obviously I am very excited about).

I am so over the moon with these guys :) 18 of them are staying with me, one is going to live with someone very special who I think needs cheering up. I've named one of them but the rest are yet to be named! The dapple grey has been named Cloudberry, it just seemed to suit her.

Some of them were tagged with breeds and I do actually have the name of the original owner as one of the boxes was addressed. Sadly none were tagged with names :( But they've come to a good home, they'll live with me and the rest of my extensive Julip herd (they've already met Crackers...) for the rest of their lives :D No more cold auction rooms for these babies, just a cold pony room instead!

(I'm afraid to say some are going back into boxes if they can't stand to help preserve them, the rest are going in the glass cabinet with the other vintage Julips).

Enjoy the eye candy :D I know I can't stop looking at them!

Now onto the models, each one now has a name :)

(1) CRS The Dark (Pebbles)
Child's Hunter Pony

(2) CRS The Death of Lorca (Lorca)
Show Hunter

(3) CRS Decameron (Deca)

(4) CRS The Devil's Discus (Discus)
Child's Hunter Pony

(5) CRS Cloudberry (Cloudberry)
Arab Stallion

(6) CRS Big Red (Red)
American Quarter Horse

(7) CRS Doctor Zhivago (Zhivago)

(8) CRS Droll Stories (Drolly)

(9) CRS Ecstasy (Ecstasy)
No idea! Any ideas?

(10) CRS Elmer Gantry (Elmer)
Cob Mare

(11) CRS Fanny Hill (Fanny)

(12) CRS Feast of the Seaweed (Seaweed)

(13) CRS Fifty Shades of Black (Fife)
Heavy Hunter

(14) CRS Frankenstein (Franken)

(15) CRS Forever Amber (Amber)
New Forest

(16) CRS The Fugitive (Fugi)
Welsh Pony

(17) CRS The First Circle (Cicle)
Welsh Pony

(18) CRS God's Laugh (Laura)
Also not sure about this one? Any ideas?

And finally we have CRS Grapes of Wrath aka Grape the Foxhound :D