Monday, 2 January 2017

Time to Celebrate!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

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2017 is a bit of a special year here at Chestnut Ridge. That's because this year is officially our 10th anniversary (I know scary right?)

Now it wouldn't be a 10th anniversary without a serious party, so here are all the awesome things I have planned for 2017!

Monthly Giveaways

Each month we will be running a 'like and share' contest on Facebook. There will be a new prize each month and each one will be extra special.

I can reveal that this months giveaway is Smokin Doubledutch

(I can also sneakily tell you that next month is Glitterati)

You can find our Facebook page here:

The prizes for the following months could be anything from more Breyers we've found at the bottom of the store room, to painted customs and resins and maybe even a BF special run? Who knows!

Birthday Photoshow

This year we will be running our Grand Photoshow again but with a special birthday twist.

This will run over the Summer and more details will be announced nearer the time.

Birthday Postal Show

Towards the end of the year we will be running our extra special birthday postal show.

This show will be open to all and for entries via email or post. More details will be revealed nearer the time.

Customer of the Month

Each month we will pick one customer at random (this is anyone who has placed an order at throughout that month) and give them our extra special customer of the month award!

They will receive a rosette, certificate and model horse prize.

Cantering Carousel

Of course it wouldn't be a birthday without a birthday party would it?

This August we are running our second ever massive ridiculous OTT live show. It really has taken me this long to get over Glitz & Glamour (that show was nearly the end of me).

So naturally I'm doing it again and it is going to be BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!

You can find out more information here:

As well as a large live show there will also be exclusive models, demonstration tables and some great games. There are even BF special runs for the raffle. How cool is that?

Make sure to book your tickets! They are selling out fast!

Other Things Going On This Year

Monthly Photoshows

We will be continuing our monthly photoshows.

For 2017 we have slightly changed the age categories which I think should hopefully give people more of a chance and also increase entries to the lower age range.

You can find out full information here:

Colours of the Rainbow Lives

Back for 2017 are the Colours of the Rainbow Lives. These shows are being held throughout the year between February-July every 4 weeks.

Each show has a different theme and colour. I'm afraid to say that Purple & Green are already sold out but there are still spaces at the rest of the shows if you would like to come along.

You can find full information here:

Lah Di Dah Live III

Yep apparently this is happening again too :)

For a very British (and Irish) day out with lots of cake and cream teas and some beautiful horses you should definitely come along.

Lah Di Dah is held in October and makes a nice end to the show season.

More information can be found here:

Themed Monthly Competition

Just has we have done previously we will be running a competition each month depending on that months theme.

We will announce the competition on Facebook each month so definitely make sure to follow us here:

This month the competition will be held on Instagram. For more information check out our Instagram account here:

Well that was a lot of text! We have loads of other awesome things planned for the year. If you have any suggestions of things you would like to see or changes you'd like to see us make then we are always open to them. Just drop us an email at

Have a wonderful bank holiday Monday :) And make sure to stick to those New Year's Resolutions! New Year, New Ponies and all that :p