Thursday, 3 May 2018

Win a Schleich Quarter Horse Stallion

This guy has been sat on top of the cabinet in my study for the last month. As I was removing another Quarter Horse stallion for shipping he managed to escape from his packaging. I did think about keeping him but as it is buckskin month this month and I needed a competition prize what better way of finding him a new home than a fun like and comment competition on Facebook :D

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I will warn you though he is rather naughty. Having escaped his packaging he has done a bit of cabinet diving, knocked over another model horse and thoroughly made a nuissance of himself by chatting up all the RubberNedz mares. I do not want any little Quarab foals anytime soon so he better get to a new home!

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To give him a loving home you will need to visit our Facebook page and like and comment on this post here:

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If that link doesn't work the post is pinned to the top of the Facebook page:


Single Day Stablemate - Man O' War

So I must admit to already knowing the last two as images have been shown of the single day tickets with all four on. But I'm gonna keep those of you who haven't seen them in suspense and just Blog them as Breyer does :p

Single Day Stablemate Number 3 is Man O' War and isn't he shiny!

House Move Information

This short video explains how our house move will affect you.

Although we won't be officially closing there will be a period towards the end of May and beginning of June where orders may take longer to dispatch.

It is also worth noting that (as always) there may be a period without internet! Because these things never go smoothly...I'll update on the Facebook page if that is the case!