Wednesday, 21 November 2018


I can't believe I forgot to share this guy with you!

Rockford is the first release in the Breyer 2019 Vintage Club (which is now open for new memberships if you want to sign up). To sign up visit Breyer's website here.

I really like this guy! But sadly don't have enough to sign up this year. I may look for him on the second hand market though.

Wish and Wonder

I'm really hoping that Breyer do the collector day thing in December when you need to spend over $150 and get a special horse again.


Because I need an excuse to get this amazing pair! Introducing the Breyer 2018 Christmas Web Special mare and foal set:

They are priced at $49.95 and can be purchased from Breyer's website here.

And not only do you get a stunning Misty and Stormy set in two beautiful colours you also get this really beautiful bag to keep them in!

Am I in love? Yes. Yes I am!

Pre-Show Routine

As the nights draw in and we all settle down for the winter break I thought I would share with you my pre-live show routine. I mean because you should totally be prepping for the 2019 show season already shouldn't you?

Two Weeks Prior

Most show holders will ask for a judging list at least a week beforehand. As a general rule I get mine sent in after the previous show or a few weeks before.

So the first task is to write my list. I have my own little system for doing this, starting with all new models, then my show string and then 10 random horses for each section (5 for smaller sections such as performance or workmanship).

If there are sections for customs and resins I usually also choose 10 random classes to enter and then paint models to fit those classes.

Once my list is done I send in a list of classes I can judge to the show host. My new life resolution is to make sure I actually do this in reasonable time before each show! I know I always moan at people or not doing this and I am totally guilty of it.

Over the remaining weeks before the show I'll work on those customs I mentioned, its rare I get all of them finished (especially during the show season where I have shows every weekend) but I usually manage to get at least one done.

Minotaur is an example of a pre-show painted model. He was painted to take to Dartmoor Live 2018.

The Week Before

The week before the show I have a really long list of things to do! But first of is the most important thing to do is of course to PACK!

I will usually pack a couple of days prior but it depends on my own schedule and things I have to do. Doing it a couple of days before gives me to time to deal with any last minute emergencies such as broken bridles or rubs that need fixing up. Sometimes I don't have any choice but to pack the day before but I try not to!

Once I've packed I also finish off my list with all the information needed, such as show names and a brief description of each horse so I know who is who!

I then also pack up all the extras I need, these usually live in my live show kit but I do like to check I have everything before each show and usually tidy up a bit as I tend to just shove everything back into the case on show days!

Finally I usually do an advert a few days before announcing any show special offers and also asking anyone if they want me to bring any specific with me for sale.

This is a snippet of a show list from Dartmoor Live 2018 showing the different columns and information I include. You can download a template of this for free here.

The Day Before

The day before is final prep time! There is usually a fair amount of stuff left to do (it's amazing how much needs to be done for a show).

So firstly I pack up any horses that I painted especially for the show (usually I will have left a few to the last minute)! Many of them have gloss drying up until the evening before a show!

I also need to make sure my camera is ready, so I clean the memory card of all the pictures that are currently on it (otherwise I end up with about 4 shows worth of pictures and can't remember which ones are from which show). I then also put it on charge and put the memory card in. One thing I always do is leave the battery compartment open and my camera on top of my boxes, that reminds me to grab the battery on the morning of the show! I also put my card reader on charge for a bit so that we accept card payments on the day of the show.

Now of course there is one important thing that needs doing the day before the show and that is baking! I try to bake something different for each show and if possible theme it for the particular show. Sometimes it is just really simple cupcakes but occasionally I create something far more creative (and usually a lot less successful).

The day before I also pack my show sales, this is usually two boxes of CollectA and Schleich plus a few boxed Breyers and hobby supplies. I make sure to pack anything that people have specifically requested. I also make a little sign advertising any show special offers.

I then make sure I've packed all the extra things I need such as my camera, card reader and cash box! I also make sure my list is printed and with the rest of my stuff. O and I've got the baking as well of course!

Finally the last thing to pack is a raffle prize. When I have time I create something specific for the show that is themed. But quite often I just have to grab something random as I've run out of time.

The final task is to plan my journey. So I find the location, see how long is it going to take and set my alarm for the morning.

And that's it! I'm all done and ready for the show. I normally panic, double check the date and time at like 10pm the night before, because obviously I will have got the wrong date.

Baking the day before is obviously really important!

Show Morning

On show morning it should be a case of simply packing the car. Sometimes I'll have left things to charge over night so need to make sure these are packed.

We usually get up an hour before we need to leave. That gives us time to let the dog out for a bit and pack up the car (which takes a surprisingly long time)!

Once everything is packed (and I'm sure I have my camera) we set the sat nav and head off, via Starbucks of course, because I cannot show until I've had my coffee and bacon roll!

If you want to download your own pre-show checklist I've created one here, feel free to download, print off or copy it into any other checklist program:

This blog post was written by Catriona Harris, owner of Chestnut Ridge and model horse fanatic.