Saturday, 22 November 2014


Yay :D Finally, she is here. A beautiful, good condition Isabelle. After all the trouble, I finally have her!

She is the darker variation, its amazing how different they look.

Here are some more pictures of her. She doesn't have a showname yet. She is my second dapple black Breyer (I also have Shockwave the Fighting Stallion)


You can now vote in the November show of the 'Popular Votes Photoshows' group.


1 Vote per class
You cannot vote for your own horse

Anyone can vote, whether you showed in the show or not, whether you ever intend to show or not!

The more votes the better, it is easier to get results then :p

Just 'like' the best picture in each class to vote!

Voting closes: 25th November 2014 (after this you will then have the chance to vote for the champion)

eBay Listings

I hope to get some more up tomorrow as well but for now please take a look and have a bid. Great for Christmas presents.

Pretty much next day delivery on all orders (I don't ship Mondays or Thursdays but will get Brendon to if he can).