Thursday, 8 August 2019

Shetland Ponies and Broken Camera Lenses

Well this week has not exactly been my finest, I've had two vet bills and I've broken my favourite camera lens (again).

This time I haven't actually broken the lens itself (yay go me) but a small piece of plastic inside the lens. The result of which is that I can't actually move it in or out, which means I must be fully zoomed in at all times or I can't focus it. It also won't focus automatically but I suppose that isn't the end of the world, it just means I have to actually wear my glasses when photographing models!

Anyway the reason I'm moaning about this is more of a way of an advanced apology for the poor quality photography that you will now see in the following blog post! Which is a real pity because I love this little Shetland, she is just adorable!

So I started this model a few weeks back but haven't really been doing much painting since Herefordshire Live mainly because I've been busy but also because I've been really tired. So I was really happy to get her finished as I knew she was going to look so cute when I was done!

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

She is a Schleich Shetland Mare. She's a bit of a cartoony model and she can be a pain to work with as the hair direction is all wrong, but if you go for a decent solid colour you can pretty much hide that and that's what I've done.

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I chose a really dark liver chestnut for her, the kind of colour that always looks lush on a Hackney. In fact I'm pretty sure my reference was a Hackney! But I think it works well for her as well.

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I added really long white socks on two legs and a nice white stripe, perfect for this cute little pony and to try and show off her adorable little stubby legs. I did have a few issues with hair when painting the mapping around the socks! But it wasn't as bad as the time I tried to do a leopard spotted on this mould and ended up nearly throwing it out of the window because of the hair direction issue...

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I think she turned out quite nicely. I've named her 'The Click' (because she just clicked) and put her up for sale on the website. She is priced at £27.00 + postage and I will happily ship her anywhere in the world.

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For those who are not familiar with the size of this model here is my desperate attempt to get a penny shot, note that I couldn't zoom the lens out and my light tent isn't that high! I literally could barely get my head in to get the picture! Hence why it is at a weird angle! But you get the general idea.

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Want to rehome her? Then follow the sales link here: