Friday, 27 May 2016

Bold O'Donoghue

Having recovered from my coursework related shock I should probably do some work and blog post related updates.

I finished off this girl last night, her pictures really don't show her beautiful colour, it is so much richer (she looks almost black in these).

Anyway meet Bold O'Donoghue

She's a bay tobiano with lots of cat tracks

I think this is my favourite side:

Look at all those spots!

Again I asked for public opinions on ribbon colour, public went for red

Better colour representation

You can almost see her dapples in this picture

Dapply dapply!

Anyway, because she does have a flaw (well probably has more than one) I've listed her as an eBay auction rather than a straight sale. If she doesn't sell she'll go on BIN and on the website, but we'll see. I've also given her a pretty low price because of it. You can find her Auction here:

It's so rare I paint something that I'm happy with and I am delighted with her. So yay go me!