Saturday, 14 March 2015


When I first saw glitter quarter marks I knew they had to happen on a model.

I'm really unhappy with the custom, but the quarter mark looks great. I'll have to try it on a nicer model!

They are made from nail art stickers, knowing me I'll end up getting thousands and covering every custom I do in them.

This side has no glitter


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

A note about packing...

There are many ways to pack model horses....but some are definitely better than others.

Here are my pet hates.

1. Schleichs in padded envelopes, loose and in groups...

One is usually OKish, they will probably be fine. But when you just shove 10 of them in together they are going to all fight the whole way here. Not good. If you must do this, wrap each one individually in bubblewrap and pack them tightly with bubblewrap between the legs to prevent bending.

2. Resins in kitchen towel. Kitchen roll/towel does not provide good packing support. Doing so will result in this:

Donkey is yet unnamed but I'm thinking 'Earwig' as a good name :p She is now completely fixed up, you'd never know. But still.

3. Packing parcels so well I can't get into them..

OK so I shouldn't really complain about this but when I slice my finger off in an attempt to get through the 20 million layers of tape (I actually did this to someone last week...I'm sorry!!!) I get a bit annoyed.....

4. Tissue on custom finishes....

I know some models need mumifying but if you use toilet paper on custom finishes and it sticks then DISASTER. There is a happy medium....

5. No plastic

OK so this is a pretty specific complaint. Our postman leaves our parcels by the gate. When it rains I get soggy ponies. Bubblewrap or plastic around the outside is greatly appreciated. Thankfully I am yet to lose a model to the rain...but I did once literally peel the box off a Deb Brown custom!

Little rant over. I'm just a little annoyed about my new donkey! She's OK now and the seller has offered a partial refund but still.....

Monday, 9 March 2015


Check him out!

Latest Collector's Club special, he is just gorgeous!

I don't care if I have to rob a bank I want him! Although I never get picked so I probably shouldn't worry....

I'm still alive honest!

I have completely neglected you guys! I owe you pictures from live shows, painted resins and updates on Breyers and Beswicks!

So update...

A blog post about Autumn Fields Live is incoming I promise!

Breyers - restocking order placed! Hopefully more Best of British coming in early next week along with some more Liams. We still have a variety of other models available. We will also be adding the Stablemate horse and rider sets and a Breyer jump to our range! Hopefully in a few weeks we will have the Classics range as well. Slowly slowly catchy monkey and all that!

Beswicks - paid for! Hopefully will be in this week.

Other stock - I have uploaded all the new paints/brushes/scenery. But there is still quite a lot of new products to add including new customs, a whole box full of model horses and some Rio Rondo things. I'm sorry to our hobby supplies purchasers that Breyers have taken over my life!

New customs etc. I've completed a little resin that I must remember to share with you! And I promise I will.

Website issues - Don't even ask. I will insert a relevant cat meme below:

I think that makes my point!

New models - I got two boxes full of Breyers last week for me! I really should update you guys with pictures of those as well.

I am at Southern Roundup on Sunday! So ask if you want pick ups :D

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Chance to get 2015 Breyer Models - Not Available in UK!

I will be ordering some models in from the US on Friday. Because I have to buy in boxes of 6 I need to take pre-orders to help fund getting more variety in.
To guarantee you get the model you want you need to pre-order it. The more horses that are pre-ordered the more variety in the eventual stock smile emoticon
Horses have to be pre-ordered by Friday. They will arrive in May. There won't be another chance to get these models until I place another order in May (so will arrive around July/August time).
Each model that is pre-ordered comes with a free Breyer Stablemate. All UK shipping is free, no matter how much you order!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Raising Zambia Live

A quick post....I have literally 3 minutes to write this!

So a big thank you to Jody and Annmarie for a great day. Some beautiful horses and a lovely day out, o and chips at lunch, massive bonus!

Highlight of the day...definitely the vodka!

So how many pictures will my evil slow computer allow me to share in 3 minutes!

Not took a minute to do this one!

Downwards shot of a pretty Indy

A nice picture of my Latigo

And that's it! Two pictures....may update later!