Monday, 6 February 2012

What happens when you electrocute a Shetland pony?

It's one of life's many mysteries...

But now I have an answer for you!

This is what happens....

New Customs

Over the weekend I got four new customs painted so I thought I would share them with you.

Commission Pieces
First up are two commission pieces. Both are for the same women who wanted portraits done of her daughters two ponies.

The first is a beautiful Classic Scale Andalusian stallion. He is a very light grey and done mostly in pastels with some airbrushing underneath to add colour to his base coat. His details have been finished in hand painted acrylics as always

(o and yes we had snow)!

The second was described by her initially to me as a Light Bay Dartmoor. It is actually light bay with Panagre which is a colour I had never done before. He is done entirely in pastels with his details finished in hand painted acrylics.

Test Models
I always do a test model when I do a commission piece to make sure that the colour is just perfect for the customer. These two were no exception to the general rule.

The first is a lovely Hobo done to a light grey. He will need mohairing but here are his pictures pre-hairing:

The second is the test model for the Dartmoor. She is a beautiful Black Forest mare and looks absolutely stunning. She has already been sold and will be proxy shown by myself throughout the show season so please come and take a look at her prettiness!

So there we have it! This weekends creations. All were done on Saturday morning and photographed on Sunday (just in time for the snow). Definitely looking forward to trying to get lots of painting done over reading week!