Wednesday, 29 October 2014

2015 Vintage Club

To Vintage Club or not to Vintage Club that is the question...

So I quite like the decorator Mustangs and I really like the Arab but the Stablemate is a G3 Andalusian (yea I know???) and a Misty and Stormy that are basically just a Misty and Stormy in a different colour as far as I can see.

Here is the 'exclusive' model (nothing vintage about this:


And the not very vintage Stablemate:

All in all I think not. I might buy the Arab and the Mustangs (depending on the colours, think one looks Copenhagen which would be nice) but I don't think I'll renew. Nothing there that really catches my eye and not worth the money.

Also the black and white is annoying me.

Two More Customs up for Sale

I have two very nice little customs now added to the website.

'The Battle for Evermore' is a cream dun Native Dancer (pretty sure this girl qualified at Halloweenies but will have to double check, she definitely placed)!

'Baywatch' is a very nice chestnut foal on one of the 2014 Schleich foal molds (the Trakehner)

Postage should be £3.05 to the UK each, international shipping also available. Add the items to your basket to see the shipping cost or email me at: