Thursday, 21 April 2016


The 2nd Premier model has been released.

Sculpted by Karen Gerhardt he is available in either plaited or loose mane.

I've chosen plaited :D


Tetrach Spots Commission Piece

This commission piece was for one of our club members, did you know with your membership you get a free Stablemate paint job every year?

The requested colour was similar to one I did a few years back, a rose grey with tetrach spots. I found a decent reference picture that was slightly different.

The model provided is the G3 Stablemate Cantering Warmblood.

I was really apprehensive before starting. Sometimes I just look at a reference picture and think "how am I going to create that".

But once she had a few layers of pastelling it was clear she was actually working out quite well.

I'm really happy with her colour. Reference horse had two heavy white stockings on the back legs but I chose not to add those as I don't think it would have enhanced the colour at all.

Her new owner seems happy, which is all that matters, but for once I think I'm sort of happy as well. I quite like this girl!

If you want to get your paws on a free Stablemate paint job then you should definitely join our member's club. It is just one of the awesome benefits you receive:

Horse and Hearts Riding Club

The latest range from Build a Bear definitely gets a mention here. The range consists of two horses and a selection of cute accessories.

Clearly something every model horse collector needs to add to their herd (I strongly maintain everyone needs a plushy for live show stress cuddles)

Horse one is a palomino AQH

Also available with tack (that you can buy separately)

Horse two is a bay Thoroughbred

Again you can buy her with tack or buy the tack separately

Some of the accessories available:

Seriously who thought of a cuddly hay bale!!!

Tack is available in three different designs.

I am just going to have to save my money for these! I already have a complete collection of the Build a Bear My Little Ponies, so clearly I need this range as well!

And obviously I will be entering one in performance...