Sunday, 6 January 2019

Healthy Live Show Snacks

We all know that live show calories don't count, but it is January, and I think we should all at least pretend to be healthy for a bit! So here is a list of some healthy snack based alternatives to get you through that live show day (but don't feel too bad if you do end up cracking open the Red Bull, chocolate and crisps, we all know you need it)!

1. Muesli Muffins

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I couldn't actually find a picture of them but here is another thing I baked that looks relatively healthy!

I actually made these for a live show many years ago, I can't say they were as popular as my chocolate ones but people did eat them! Alas I cannot find the recipe to share but I did a quick google and there are loads of recipes out there. They had lots of slow release energy without lots of sugar, great for getting you through a long drive and a tiring day!

2. Cereal Bars

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NOT THE CHOCOLATE ONES (OK maybe a little bit of chocolate). There is loads of variety when it comes to cereal bars so it shouldn't be too hard to find one you like. You can even get variety packs so you can have lots of ummm variety in your live show snacking!

3. Some Fruit

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Actually a nice satsuma or an apple is great on show day, it's just a bit of a PITA getting rid of the waste (particularly if your like me and feed the apple cores to your animals)! But they are refreshing so great for giving you a little bit of a sugary boost.

4. Nuts and Things

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Nuts actually contain a lot of calories but they don't contain loads of sugar (so that's good). They are usually quite high in fat as well which is a better slow release energy source. Of course you could bake them into something like flapjacks for a bit more flavour (with minimal golden syrup of course).

5. Juices and Smoothies

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I've taken these to shows before and got comments of "what on Earth is that?!?!?" I'm not talking shop bought I'm talking home made! I live off this stuff and my husband does get a little annoyed that every shopping trip involves me buying like a million oranges because I really really really need to juice things.

Do you have any suggestions for less sugary snacks to take to a live show? Then drop them below! You never know, I may even offer something less sugar filled at my next show :p