Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sheepskin Breast Guard

Today's little experiment. And quite impressed that it went so well! It's a sheepskin breast guard. Black leather with a lovely sewn sheepskin piece.

Actually turned out very well but I cut the leather too short so it probably wouldn't actually fit, but easy to change just need to get it done :p

They are now available to order (£5 + postage)

Here it is on a horse:

Oooo snuggly

Well this body seems to quite like his new breast guard! Maybe he'll get to keep it once he's painted...

2014 CollectA

So here are some of the new CollectA for next year:






Chestnut (yes apparently so):

And yes I know this isn't a horse but I want a dead dinosaur!

2014 Schleich

This is the full release list that has so far been compiled (by someone else):

Wild Life
14706 Panda
14707 Panda cub
14708 Polarbear cub, walking
14709 Whitetailed deer male
14710 Whitetailed deer female
14711 Whitetailed deer calf
14712 Lioness walking
14713 Hedghood
14714 Bison
14715 Mandrill male
14716 Mandrill female with baby
14717 Gibbon
14718 Gibbon baby
14719 Bat (maybe a flying fox?)
14720 Gull
14721 Puffin
14722 Chipmunk
14723 Squirrel monkey
14724 Sawfish
14725 Sea horse

Farm Life
13743 Sheep
13744 Lamb, standing
13745 Lamb, lying
13746 Donkey foal
13747 Poot-billed pig
13748 rabbits, playing
13749 Friesean mare
13750 Shetland Pony mare
13751 Shetland Pony gelding
13752 Shetland Pony foal
13753 Fjord stallion
13754 Fjord mare
13755 Fjord foal
13756 Trakehner stallion
13757 Trakehner mare
13758 Trakehner foal
13759 Falabella gelding
13760 Knabstrupper foal
13761 Arabian mare
13762 Arabian foal

Farm Life - Dogs
16394 Golden Retriver male
16395 Golden Retriever female
16396 Golden Retriver puppy
16397 Bernese mountain dog female
16398 Bernese mountain dog puppy