Tuesday, 27 March 2012


The latest Breyer Collector's Club model is Fontana a beautiful pinto on the Roxy mold:

And yes I did just steal that picture of Breyer...I apologise...very naughty I know but you can't link the webpage! You can't even access it once you've bought her...

Anywho she is gorgeous and I'm sure she is far more worth it than any Honeymoon that that money was going to be spent on *cough*

But what did get me was the shipping, $57.50! That is a lot, I buy from the US a lot and an OF Traditional doesn't normally cost me that much...

This meant the total was £120.00 now to see if my fiance will go halves with me and give me £60...

Friesians Completions

Yay :) The Friesians are all done...getting annoyed by my lack of ability to spell yet :p

First up lets have the CollectA...

Meet Amazing Things...

The ginger is there but deliberately subtle, I'm not a fan of very ginger horses...

His perty face:

And next up is that Bullyland..

So meet America...

You can just see that I added some ginger to her barrel to make her less bland. I also deliberately used a different paint for the mane and tail so it looked slightly different. Jet black horses can be quite boring sometimes :p

And yes I did quite blondely choose the model with the mane over the forehead as the one to have the white star lol

Both will ultimately be sold (or before hand if I can) but they are destined for European Extravaganza first

More Friesian updates

No pictures I'm afraid! But a little bit more of an update on both. You should be getting completion pictures by this evening at this rate.


Now on the CollectA the mane and tail are done. The eyes have three layers on them (two more to go) and the hooves still have only one layer. All touching up is done and chestnuts are painted. Literally just the last hoof layer and the eyes.


Mane and tail are both now done. Hooves now have one layer on them and the eyes have three layers. Just left are the final hoof layer and two layers on the eyes.

So yep coming along nicely now. The Bullyland has such a sweet face I think I may be in love with her lol. I'm going to quickly go out and do one more eye layer and finish those hooves now.

Friesian Update

Woops! Meant to post this last night but I completely forgot. Law revision is just so exciting you know...

Well now I have reached panic mode because it turns out that I am house sitting all next week...the show is on the 21st so that means I am down to 3 weeks to get these horses done!

So left on the list to complete are:

Rearing Spanish Ridden Costume
Half Pass Dressage Set Up
2x Friesians
Tuugipaard Harness Horse
Poutiou Ass
Knabstrupper Foal

Well anyway here is an update on the Friesians at least...

Here is the CollectA with all his pastelling done before sealing, it fades a bit after you seal:

And here is the Bullyland after his pastelling, I ended up giving him a bit of ginger on the belly :p

All sealed and ready to be finished off the CollectA has the first layer on his hooves and eyes:

And the Bullyland has the first layer on her eyes and her white star, thought I would show you the star :p

So yep there's the update! I have actually done some more work since then but you will have to wait and see...

Now off to more law revision...