Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Friesian Update

Woops! Meant to post this last night but I completely forgot. Law revision is just so exciting you know...

Well now I have reached panic mode because it turns out that I am house sitting all next week...the show is on the 21st so that means I am down to 3 weeks to get these horses done!

So left on the list to complete are:

Rearing Spanish Ridden Costume
Half Pass Dressage Set Up
2x Friesians
Tuugipaard Harness Horse
Poutiou Ass
Knabstrupper Foal

Well anyway here is an update on the Friesians at least...

Here is the CollectA with all his pastelling done before sealing, it fades a bit after you seal:

And here is the Bullyland after his pastelling, I ended up giving him a bit of ginger on the belly :p

All sealed and ready to be finished off the CollectA has the first layer on his hooves and eyes:

And the Bullyland has the first layer on her eyes and her white star, thought I would show you the star :p

So yep there's the update! I have actually done some more work since then but you will have to wait and see...

Now off to more law revision...

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