Tuesday, 27 March 2012

More Friesian updates

No pictures I'm afraid! But a little bit more of an update on both. You should be getting completion pictures by this evening at this rate.


Now on the CollectA the mane and tail are done. The eyes have three layers on them (two more to go) and the hooves still have only one layer. All touching up is done and chestnuts are painted. Literally just the last hoof layer and the eyes.


Mane and tail are both now done. Hooves now have one layer on them and the eyes have three layers. Just left are the final hoof layer and two layers on the eyes.

So yep coming along nicely now. The Bullyland has such a sweet face I think I may be in love with her lol. I'm going to quickly go out and do one more eye layer and finish those hooves now.

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