Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Friesians Completions

Yay :) The Friesians are all done...getting annoyed by my lack of ability to spell yet :p

First up lets have the CollectA...

Meet Amazing Things...

The ginger is there but deliberately subtle, I'm not a fan of very ginger horses...

His perty face:

And next up is that Bullyland..

So meet America...

You can just see that I added some ginger to her barrel to make her less bland. I also deliberately used a different paint for the mane and tail so it looked slightly different. Jet black horses can be quite boring sometimes :p

And yes I did quite blondely choose the model with the mane over the forehead as the one to have the white star lol

Both will ultimately be sold (or before hand if I can) but they are destined for European Extravaganza first

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