Sunday, 18 January 2015

That's Not a Model Horse!

Gosh you are an observant one aren't you! Strangely enough they aren't horses...but I actually have quite an impressive hoard *cough* I mean collection of non-horse models.

Here are just five of them.

The Unibunny - Is it a unicorn is it a bunny? Who knows...all I know is that those scientists have been doing so very crazy things!

This is Sausage, very appropriate name.

This is Philip. Philip is a 'catalogue' Julip JR and one of my first Julip dogs.

Some of you may recognise Mr. Goose. He makes a regular appearance at live shows/photo shows/random blog posts...

Finally this is Dani. I bought her last Summer, something so cute about a dalmation carrying its own lead!