Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Next BF Special Run Sneak Peak

Much image analysis went on last night, I inspected a lot of manes.

But I think the general consensus is that it is going to be a Silver.

Anyway you can see the image and make up your own mind!

Image Distortion

Either way it is going to be pretty firey and cool!

The Catalogues are Here!

I barely slept last night I was so excited! Is that weird? That is probably weird isn't it?

Anyway they arrived bright and early (shout out to Interlink who delivered on time and with great swiftness, unlike UK Mail (who I am currently battling with just to get them to actually deliver my parcel)).

Also big shout out to the printers, Mixam, I placed the order Friday and they arrived today. That is a seriously swift turn around. I use them for all my live show printing and they are just brilliant.

Now on to the main event...the catalogues!

First off you can view the entire thing as a PDF (and download it) here:

Although it really isn't the same as holding a paper one, it is so shiny and sleek.

Contrary to what my father might say there is not a volcano on the cover. But I was a bit pushed for a decent image that was quite straight, most horse images tend to be more horizontal than vertical!

I should add I went through at least five covers before I settled on this one....

Inside there are 48 pages packed full of model horses. Each horse/item has a product code, photograph, name and tick box (so you can tick off who you own). Putting the product codes into the Chestnut Ridge search bar should bring up the product online (I say should...)

Just one of the double page spreads!

The first few swiftly went off in parcels this morning, here is the first one to go, packed in with a Classic Thoroughbred, I hope the new owner enjoys reading it!

Well even if they don't the Julips do. There have been complaints that Crackers does not feature, but I will try and include him in next years! Maybe he could end up on the front cover if he behaves himself.

So how do you get your paws on one of them? Well it is actually quite easy.

1. Place an order at and I will slip it into your parcel.

2. You can send us a stamped, addressed envelope (A5 size with a large letter stamp) and we will pop in a catalogue and return it to you. Just email for the address.

3. Pick one up at a live show or event!

Simple as that :) The first run is only 50 but if they prove successful we will order more, so don't worry, there should be plenty to go around.

I hope you all love them as much as I do. I've already been browsing and thinking about ticking off the horses I own and buying more! It's a bad influence on me!