Thursday, 19 November 2015

Deb Brown Parcel

Look what came today :D

I'm so happy with all these gorgeous guys.

First up...

CRS The Sovereignty of Good (Sovereign)

Second is CRS The Three Arrows (Muskateer)

Next is CRS The Servants and the Snow (Severus)

I will need to get him a base and Schleich dressage arena so he can head out in performance next year.

The most expensive of the lot was CRS The Time of the Angels (Gabrielle)

And this is my favourite, CRS The Unicorn (Lion)

He looks gorgeous on this side as well

CRS Three Plays (Pacu)

And finally CRS Under the Net (Ronny)

Was a bit stumped for breed for this guy, could just be a cob. But thinking I'll go with Dole x Shire as a good partbred mix. Could do American Registered Shire (they allow buckskin) but he has no white (not good). But he is beautiful even if he doesn't have a good breed, hope he will do well in workmanship!

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