Thursday, 20 December 2018

2019 Breyer Range

Greetings all!

I bring you Christmas gifts of the 2019 Breyer range :D

To view the full range including non-regular run items please take a look at:

Catch Me

Dominante XXIX


Justify Resin

Thoroughbred and Hackney Foal Set

Cascade and Caspian


Truly Unsurpassed

Protocol Gift Set



Show Stable Accessories


Bay Roan Australian Stock Horse

Buckskin Hanoverian

Grey Saddlebred

Grulla Paint Horse

Mahogany Bay Thoroughbred

Silver Bay Mustang

Cloud's Legacy



Pony Power

Barrel Racing Set

Running Wild Mare and Foal

Mini Whinnie

Mini Whinnie Surprise Series 3

Craft Sets

Horse Painting Set

Paint and Play Andalusian

Paint and Play Unicorn Arabian

Paint and Play Unicorn Thoroughbred

Paint and Play Unicorn Warmblood

Other Things

Blossom the Ballerina


Riding Camp

Truck and Gooseneck Trailer

Mystery Horse Surprise Series 2

Friendship Foals Pocket Barn

If you would like to pre-order any of these items please email for a full price list.

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