Monday, 23 January 2012

Sanding...Sanding....and more Sanding

There is a reason why I have a massive blister on my thumb...and no it is not because I have been sucking it too much!

Last week I purchased myself two Sagr bodies to be painted up. I decided that at least one could have a bit of resculpting done. So I decided to combine efforts and use him for a tutorial on how to create a windswept mane and tail for February's magazine.

The inspiration for the mane and tail come from this picture here:

(isn't that foal squishyful).

The first step is of course to remove the existing mane and tail. The tail wasn't too bad I just sawed it off and then sanded the remaining blob down so it was almost flat. There was a heavy seam there as well so I dealt with that at the same time.

The next step was the mane. I decided that a multi-tooled attack would probably be the best bet. I used the dremel to literally hack chunks of the mane off (there really is no more eloquent way to describe this process) and then sanded....a lot.

It still isn't finished and as you can see the poor horse now has a hole in his neck but we are getting there slowly!

I put his little friend in the background to show you what he used to look like.

So yes I now have a massive blister and have done a lot of sanding! I should be able to update you with more pictures next weekend.

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