Sunday, 11 March 2012

Macclesfield Live Show

Yesterday was the first real live show of the season so I thought I would share a selection of pictures with you and let you know how the show was. It was in Macclesfield and ran by Claire Ashworth who did a brilliant job :)

Tables of ponies - these particular ones are Debi Jennings and Debra Hulse's

Rachel and her table

An absolutely beautiful resin with a mohair mane and tail (I think this guy is owned by Claire Ashworth)

Line's of ponies

The OF Spanish class. My two are the Caliente and Pecos (I decided Pecos should get at least one day out)

The OF British Native class...the Pony Family Stallion is my boy:

One of the beautiful new windswept AA's

The OF Paint Horse class (the two littlen's are both mine):

My beautiful Hattie who got first place:

A very nice 5-gaiter:

An adorable little Donkey and CTF Champion:

A beautiful resin Vanner and overall reserve to reserve champion:

A very nice mohair custom

The Custom Spanish class, the PS Chips, Esprit and grey Andalusian Stallion are all mine:

Custom stock - the Palomino Zippo on the far side is my boy. He won his class:

AA Other Light Horse:

CM British Native (you can just see my two little small guys):

A better shot of British Native showing my CM Heredites resin and two custom Stablemates:

Custom Glazed China Reserve Champion:

A very cute little Shetland:

A little AA Cupid with a bird:

A wonderful custom mohaired mane:

A very nice custom Arab:

My new purchase of the day an Animal Artistry Mule who then got Reserve AA Champion:

The custom Youngstock class, the Andalusian foal and the cantering Stablemate are mine:

The Overall Championship:

An English ridden entry:

Another English Ridden entry:

A couple of jumping entries:

A lovely Western ridden entry:

Native American costume:

There are hundreds more pictures on Facebook but I thought I would share some at least.


  1. That AA is new? Donna needs to stop teasing me, I am after her Sabiha resin and now I really fancy that drafter too... Oh dear!

    1. Yep there is the new Windswept one, his tree was there too, beautiful. And I 'acquired' a new Mule on the day who then went and did very well :p