Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2015 Schleich

We went into town today to collect a bowl and then go and get some new fish...but I decided I would pay a quick trip to my favourite toy shop...

And yep they had the 2015 Schleich in *yay* so I added a few new ponies to my collection:

First up is CRS Hermit Crab (Hermit)

Then we have her boyfriend CRS Cowboy Boots (Hilary)

Next is one of my favourite Schleich molds the Tinker Stallion in a black pinto. CRS Irish Cowboy (Howdy)

I wasn't much enamored with teh Bashkir Curly mare but the foal has a certain something. This is CRS Fluffy Rose (Juliette)

This was my favourte of the new molds in the pictures and although definitely not conformationally perfect (I have no idea what breed she is meant to be) I adore her. So meet CRS Awash with Gravity (Jupiter)

I bought two of this girl as I wanted one to customise.

My second favourite has to be the Shetland foal. This is CRS Pig (Pig)

And finally I chose the Donkey. CRS Blindsided Hypocracy (Justice)

I was ooing and aaing over the drafter, but I decided against him. His colour is nice but he is all over the place conformationally wise!

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