Monday, 19 January 2015

Introducing my Two New Deb Brown Customs

I'd like to introduce my two new babies.

First up is what I spent my birthday and Christmas money on (thank you Granddad)!

This is a portrait of a horse that is quite special to me.

Jack Naylor is a racehorse who I have been following for quite some time, here she is:

She is special because of who she was named after. She is named after a character called Jac Naylor from Holby City.

Here she is:

If you've never seen Holby City then I pity you. But Jac is my idol, literally, I want to be her. OK so maybe I'll never be a world class heart surgeon in a fictional TV series...but still...she's incredible. Words cannot express how much I love her.

So it seemed sensible that I turned Zenyetta into Jack Naylor (the horse that is....).

Deb has done an amazing job. So here she is, my very own Jac:

Now it's well known that Deb Brown customs get lonely if forced to travel alone (this is an actual fact).

So Jac came home with Sundance Sassoon (or Seigfried). A very adorable Mule:

I was at first unsure of his colour, but then I found this:

And well that sealed it! Siegfried was coming to live with me!

Look at his squishy face:

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