Monday, 11 April 2016

Final Two Customs of the Batch

Last week I finished off the last two customs of the batch *yay*

Of course that simply means we are starting over with a new batch (more about them later).

First up is a blanket appaloosa that I had planned to finish in time for Amazing Amarillo AR & AC Live. But as with all things model horse that didn't exactly go to plan.

Named Bitter Glass he is a Horsing Around Flaxley resin.

He has been painted to a bay blanket spotted (appaloosa) pony. He would make a lovely little riding pony.

His base is done in airbrushed acrylics (I use the Games Workshop range). He has had details added in hand painted acrylics, the blanket took many many layers!

Using an old damaged brush is great for creating the splodging effect of white around the outside of the blanket and over the body. You can also dab it into some white paint and then some pink pastel to create a good mottling effect.

The final details were done in hand painted acrylics and with pencilling for the hoof detail. I would have liked more mapping around the spots I think and a smoother finish to the blanket. But nothing is ever perfect...

He is for sale at:

Next up is a little mini whinnie.

This little guy has been painted to a palomino minimal splash.

He has been named Black and Gold and his base coat was done with air brushed acrylics.

His shading was done in pastels and then he was sealed with several layers of Games Workshop Purity Seal before I started on his white markings.

The white markings were all done in hand painted acrylics and he was finished off with pink pastel around the nose and a bit of yellow pastel in the tail. All of his details were then done in hand painted acrylics with some pencilling on the hooves.

He is for sale at:

Now I promised some talk of the next batch!

I've already mentioned a bit about who we are using and what we are doing but here is the low down and links to their reference pictures.

Horse 1 - Number one is a Schleich Hanoverian stallion. He is being done to an interesting chestnut with white markings (thought to be caused by fungal infection). His reference can be found here:

Horse 2 - Number two is another Schleich this time the Dartmoor mare. She is being painted to a yellow dun. You can find her reference picture here:

Horse 3 - Number three is the third Schleich (having a bit of a Schleich frenzy). This one is the Knabstrupper foal. She will be painted to a yellow roan:

However, I messed up on this one and thinking she was the yellow dun gave her a dorsal stripe! So she is now a sorta yellow dun roan? I dunno she looks kinda cute anyway!

Horse 4 - Number 4 is a Breyer Stablemate Athletic pony. She will be palomino sabino when finished. Her reference picture can be found here:

Horse 5 - Number 5 is a teeny tiny Night Heather resin (I'll only have one left after this girl is done). She is going to be painted to a primitive (or wild) bay:

So there we go, the last two of the old batch and the details of the next batch. Still can't believe I had such a blonde moment over the foal, but that said she does look quite nice and should finish up quite pretty even if she has sort of morphed into a bit of a cream dun (suppose she could be chestnut + cream + dun + roan).

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