Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Tack, Tack and More Tack

Just when you think your on top of your orders then *poof* more tack to make. Although at least for a few minutes today I had a wonderful moment where all tack was complete and I could go back to my obsessive Classic scale tack making.

The final order I had to complete was this stud girth. Unfortunately my patterns have all vanished so I had to create a new one, but I'm not sure I ever had one large enough for Traditional heavy horses so may have had to do a new one anyway!

Stud girth is made from brown leather with padding and silver hardware.

I'm intrigued as to what the new owner is planning with a heavy horse size girth!

I do like these, they are pretty simple to make but they are very effective once on the horse. They also mean you can use up odd bits of felt for the padding that are marked (in this case it had drawings of what looked to be a rabbit on it, no idea)

Anyway that is off to its new home today.

Which meant I could spend some time on my obsessive Classic scale tack making. This week I've moved on to head stalls. Unfortunately I'm already out of two slot halter rings so a prompt end has been called, but quite happy with the two I created.

This one is black leather with silver hardware and has been made to fit my ever patient AQH mare.

Some day little mare I will paint you and you can go out into the world and have a more fruitful life than as part of my body box.

For the second one I decided to do a slightly larger one. This has been made to fit the more modern Breyer classics which are a bit bigger, I needed a suitable victim, as there was nothing in my body box I had to choose a shelf piece that was already not LSQ. In this case Mariah (who lets face it is never going to be a show horse)

Again I went for black leather but I chose gold hardware for this girl, more out of necessity than anything else as those were the only halter slots I had!

Both of the headstalls are for sale at www.chestnutridge.co.uk and you can also order your own stud girth (or headstall) to be made to order.

Tomorrow I may move on to rug making, although the lack of templates may mean new template creating!

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