Thursday, 22 September 2016

BMECS Fun & Games

Hello everyone :) With BMECS this weekend I thought it would be apt to have some fun and games.

So I've thought up a few special things for those are attending and for those who aren't!

First things first. We are leaving tomorrow evening and will be back Sunday night. My phone does not sync emails to the account. If you have an urgent query make sure you email or contact me on Facebook.

We will be dispatching slightly earlier tomorrow at around 2pm. So if you place an order with us after that time it won't be dispatched until Monday, sorry!

I will also try and post on Instagram as much as possible all weekend but the signal is pretty poor. There will be loads of photos though :)

Now onto the more fun stuff :p

For Those Attending BMECS

For those attending BMECS we have a few things going on:


We will have a large range of items available. But if there is something specific you are after please let us know by 2pm tomorrow.

We can accept cards but need phone signal to do so, so that may be a bit slow, we recommend you bring cash!

Please see either myself or Brendon on the day, if I'm busy don't be afraid to just come up and ask :) I'll probably direct you to Brendon if he is around or just ask if you can wait a couple of moments.

Goody Bags

We will have a range of different sized goody bags and boxes available throughout the weekend.

Each box contains items well over the sale value, the exact value of each box is listed on the outside.

Each box is unique but there may be a couple of duplicate items between different boxes. They contain products from across our ranges including some new 2016 horses!

One box contains a voucher for a free item from our stall! You can pick from any of the items we will have for sale. But which box contains the special voucher I wonder?

Box prices vary from £15-£75.

Win a Xavier Unicorn

Make a purchase over £10.00 with us this weekend and be entered into a draw to win the Breyer Unicorn Xavier.

Make sure you fill your name and email address on the sheet. The winner will be chosen at random on Monday.

Every purchase you make over £10.00 entitles you to one entry, you can make as many different transactions as you like.

Image result for breyer xavier

Take a Selfie with S'mores

Take a selfie with our cuddly pony S'mores and we will give you one of our special BMECS badges!

Just post it on the Chestnut Ridge Facebook wall, or tag us on Instagram and then just come and show us that you've done so and we'll hand over a badge :D

Image result for breyer smores

Club Members

Club members will get their usual 10% off all purchases. Just make sure to bring your membership card or badge and show it to either myself or Brendon when you make your purchase.

Also come and show me either your badge or card and we'll hand over a special BMECS badge!

All club members are also entitled to one free entry into our draw to win the Unicorn. Please just write down your details when you come to get your free badge.

Not a club member? It's just £15.00 to join:

BMECS Treasure Hunt

Our treasure hunt is open to those both attending and not attending.

For those attending we have a list of 10 objects to find, take a photograph of each one and post on the Facebook post or on Instagram with #CRBMECSTreasureHunt by 9am on Tuesday morning.

The winner will receive a custom Breyer Stablemate.

The ten objects for those attending BMECS are:

  • Crackers
  • Cup of coffee
  • Rosette
  • Unicorn
  • One of your own entries
  • A non-equine animal
  • The Chestnut Ridge sales stand
  • Chocolate
  • Cuddly horse
  • Palomino
Please caption your picture with which of the ten items it is!

You can find our Facebook page here (just scroll until you find the post):

This link should hopefully take you directly to the post:

For Those Not Attending BMECS

Win a Xavier Unicorn

To win a Xavier Unicorn head along to our Facebook page and find the post entitled 'Win a Xavier Unicorn'.

Comment under the post your favourite breed of horse and then give it a like and maybe a little share as well if you like :)

The winner will be chosen at 10am Monday morning, so please make sure you have entered before then.

Image result for breyer xavier

Competition is open to everyone who is not attending BMECS 2016 in person. One entry per person. UK shipping is included but international winners will be responsible for postage costs. The unicorn should ship December 2016. Full T&Cs apply.

This link should hopefully take you directly to the post:

BMECS Treasure Hunt

For those not attending BMECS you can also enter the treasure hunt but your objects are slightly different.

We have a list of 10 things which we want you to photograph. Either post them under the Facebook post or on instagram with #CRBMECSTreasureHunt by 9am on Tuesday morning.

The winner will receive a custom Stablemate.

The ten objects for those not attending BMECS are:

  • Your favourite model horse
  • A non-equine animal
  • Your first model horse
  • A picture of your collection
  • A picture of a real horse (or other animal)
  • Your latest purchase
  • A model horse in a strange place
  • A model horse outside
  • A halloween themed model horse picture
  • Your favourite model horse photograph

Please caption your picture with which of the ten items it is!

You can find our Facebook page here (just scroll until you find the post):

Get a BMECS Badge

Want a BMECS badge but not attending? Well we have 10 to give away to you!

To get one all you need to do is head on over to our Facebook page. We will create 10 posts.

Each post will give a section at BMECS. Comment under that post the breed (colour or discipline if it is workmanship or performance) that you think the champion of the section will be.

Posts will be open until the championship, we will make a careful note of the time that each championship was held to prevent any cheating!

Winners will be announced Monday :)

You can find our Facebook page here:

Posts will be added throughout Friday, just keep checking back. We recommend you post your answers before Saturday (or Sunday for the Sunday classes) to make sure you are within the time limit :)

And that is it! For those of you attending I will see you tomorrow, Saturday or Sunday (if you are staying in the Travelodge on Saturday evening feel free to join the crazy gang for dinner). For those of you not attending I hope there is plenty to keep you amused over the weekend :)

Facebook posts will be up shortly!

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